A Rose Collision

The Rose, UGC 1810 and UGC 1813

We are usually represented by beautiful objects, patterns, vectors, sometimes even plants or animals which simply reminds us and the people who knows us well of who we are and what principles we commit to.

I, for example chose the ARP 273 – a group of interacting galaxies which is dominated by the UGC1810 and UGC1813 – because of their beautiful formation passing through each other’s galaxies, The two UGCs resulted to a magnificent rose collision.

The Rose, UGC 1810 and UGC 1813

I simply chose them because I have always been fascinated with Astronomy and Noetic Sciences. Though far different from my beliefs and religion, I know there may always be a point where opposites meet, making it more interesting for us humans.As part of this realization, I came up with a theory that these galaxies are formed because of a reason of course. And possibly, possibly, us too, looks beautiful as this million of light years away. We may not be that visible individually, but our energy and enthusiastic minds are more than capable of producing such particles that makes the world out there also wonder. It’s a limitless Universe indeed. Strangely beautiful yet endless.


What about you? What’s your representation?


Hope you’re jaded no more,

Jaey x


Image: Image taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows a group of interacting galaxies Arp 273. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arp_273

Disclaimer: My posts and reviews are a hundred percent based on my experiences and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.



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