What you can get from Ebay

Online shopping in the Philippines has been growing a lot lately. Most of the good finds nowadays may be found in Instagram and the famous www.olx.ph. But have you ever heard of EBAY? Ebay is well known worldwide. From electronics to home displays, its a good and safe online shop that provides a unique selection. It is one of the pioneer of classified ads network so you can also have fun and post your items whether its brand new or pre-loved! Or maybe you could just window shop your way from used to new authentic items.

Here’s a list of what I’ve previously bought in Ebay and its prices plus I’ll be adding some Ebay Shopping Tips along the way!

Full HD Sports Action Camera

Php 3,200 | From Seller: bubbles120105

A great dupe for Go Pro!

Look for items with labels such as “FREE SHIPPING” it will save you loads!

Smashbox Smokebox with FREE pouch

Php568.78 | From Seller: luxecandy

if you have friends or relatives abroad that is on their way here to the Ph, this is your chance to buy those brands you’ve been watching and wanting from Youtube! I swear its 50-70% cheaper! Make sure to ask them first the favor though ^^,

Authentic Givenchy Gift Tote

Php 995 each + Php110 for Shipping | From Seller: meesrn

hit “sort” near the search button and sort your search from “lowest price + shipping” for that easier ascending browse look and feel!

Charles and Keith Platform Wedges (Pre-loved)

Php655 won through bidding | From Seller: insima0

(Image Credits to: http://lushonline-old.blogspot.com/)

Watch out for low-bid items! Just make sure to bid last minute (turn on your hi-speed internet) to guarantee your place. 

The most effective strategy to consistently win eBay auctions is to bid the absolute maximum you are willing to pay, and let our sniper system submit yourbid in the final seconds, and the proxy bidding system raise your bid to the necessary level. -www.bidnapper.com

My Customized Bride’s Maid’s Dress!

Around Php1,500 + Shipping | From Seller: my_dressing_room

Fashion Emergency?  my_dressing_room creates cocktail dresses, bride’s maid dresses and every kind of customized dress/gown for every occasion! All transactions will be made online so its a huge plus in terms of convenience. Just give your measurements and choose from her online catalog, color swatches and whoala, you’ll receive your dress in no less than a week!

Read carefully the item description before making any purchase. Some seller displays their size charts and swatches along with the item photos or description box so watch out for this.

I know! These truly are quality and unique finds and its very very affordable.

Final tip: Make sure that the seller has at least 100+ ratings and above before making any purchase. Power Sellers are to go for, always!

Happy Shopping!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored entry. Credits to all the brands mentioned. Prices may vary. 

My posts and reviews are a hundred percent based on my experiences and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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