Your ultimate guide to booking the cheapest fare

So you traveled. And now you wanted more. But wanted to travel with the lowest fare. Here’s your ultimate guide in booking the lowest fares. If you’ve seen my previous Spending Sheet for CEBOHOL Trip you probably thought, how the heck did they get an all in roundtrip airfare for 2 persons for just PHP876.88?!!!

Disclaimer: Use this guide at your own risk. These are only tips based on my actual experience. When booking low fares you’re not only opening your wallet, but you are also becoming open to:

  • Taking Leaves – this means you won’t be able to grab that nice holidate + long weekend because YES airlines double or even triple their prices during the holidays and weekends. Lowest fares are mostly found every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursdays. Mornings or the red eye flights (late-midnight) have the best prices.


  • Staying Awake – during piso promo fares, stay awake or set an alarm. Have the following ready: Paper, Pen, Credit Card, Full names of guests, date of births, passport numbers, (better to have all passports in hand if you’re eyeing an out of the country trip), mobile app of airline (for backup), fast internet and last but not the least LOTS OF PATIENCE.

Watch out for teasers. For example this one it says March 23, so 11PM of March 22 prep everything mentioned above and anything else you need!

*Photo not mine all rights reserved to Air Asia

  • Once you get into the site, don’t jump in to that Dec 23-Jan 2, Caticlan plan. NEVER! Its a miracle if you’ll find a piso around those Peak dates. Once you are in the site you need to think how everybody else thinks. And do the opposite of what they are thinking/doing. What does everybody else thinks? Caticlan, Hong Kong, Palawan.. those are the easiest. Think of the exquisite places you want to go other than the usual tourist spots.

Siem Reap, Cambodia is an underrated place. Very affordable and is a feast for the eyes.

*Photo not mine credits to Wikipedia

  • During this period, everything is happening swiftly, people are booking in groups and going crazy so take this tip seriously, keep calm, think and act fast.Prepare a list of your non-holiday dates and top 3 destination picks. This will serve as your guide in case your Plan A wont work or is fully booked already. Also note the costs that might also incur on your trip which leads to the next tip…
  • When choosing a destination it is better to research carefully before booking your flights. First is about the border entry process if visa is required, 2nd are the events in that country; if its a peak season in Peru, Machu Picchu tends to be fully booked even if it 6 months away from now. These are the important points you might want to consider. Another one is your point of Entry. For example in Japan there is a promo fare for Nagoya, but you wanted to go to Tokyo so you’ll book Nagoya instead of Tokyo and just take the Shinkansen to Tokyo but did you know that if you’ll sum up everything it is also  the same price when you book a flight going to Haneda/Narita Tokyo? (Not unless you really wanted to experience the Shinkansen/Bullet Train) Another example is booking a flight to Boracay and the difference for Kalibo and Caticlan is just Php1,000 – take the Caticlan! Less hassle and you’ll also pay more on the transfers when coming from/to Kalibo.

*Photo not mine credits to

  • Read. Read. Read. Each Airline has different policies. We may think blah these are all about extra charges: for date change / rerouting and all that stuff. But also pay attention to some of their policies which are actually awesome. i.e. *PAL offers a refund in case your Visa Application gets denied (God forbid). *Jetstar offers a free date change in case of delay (even if its just 5 mins!) and they inform you  in advance so you can extend your trip. YEY!!!


Fare Rules sample only *Photo not mine credits to Jetstar

  • And last but not the least, don’t get carried away when you’re frustrated. For me, its also a marketing tactic for airlines to launch promo fares because when people get frustrated from searching and craving for that flight, they’ll end up booking the regular fare anyway! So hang in there and mark your calendars! Have no fear because Expos are here!

*Photo not mine credits to the organizers of Travel Madness Expo

These (Expos) usually happens every February, July and September of each year. Line up early and prepare the same materials you have prepared for Tip # 2 and you’re all geared up for your next booking.

See you at the Airport!

-Jaey x

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

*Subject to changes

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