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Your first Winter

Ahhh, Summer in the Philippines. While most people are at the beach looking at their best with a bronzed glow, are you like me dreaming of a nice Winter Escapade? If yes, then we are probably the same living near the equator. No idea of what its like to have 4 different seasons, craving to see that temp go negative so you would know what it would feel like. Let me tell you brother and sister, its time for you to plan for Winter 2016. Yes, as early as now! Remember my tips when booking the cheapest fare? If you have booked your flights wherever that has Fall / Winter end of this year then good for you! Way to go to start saving cause you know, winter items does not come cheap. That is why I have provided these awesome tips for you :

winter clothing guide and tips

Hope you enjoyed! What are you waiting for gear up and shop now! 🙂

-Jaey x

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Disclaimer: USE THIS SHEET at your own risk. These are just the basic must haves, you must research more in terms of layering and the proper clothing which usually varies depending on the temperature and season. This post is not sponsored and is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.


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