A Taste of Europe without Schengen Visa

Mountain ranges, churches, museums, art galleries and unique architectures. Who doesn’t want to go to Europe? Filipino citizens always include Europe in their bucket list but filing for a Schengen Visa could be tiring and frustrating to some. If you are willing to have a much easier way, there is this country called “Georgia” where you only need to secure an E-Visa. I am sure you are curious about Georgia now. Just like any other European country, it is a gem that is marked with magnificent history and precious sights.


photo not mine – (all rights reserved to http://trvl.com/)

Tblisi Georgia - photo not mine - (all rights reserved to http://cdn.thepointsguy.com/)
photo not mine – (all rights reserved to http://cdn.thepointsguy.com/)

Do I have your attention now? I’m sure you have a lot of questions and let me answer some for you.

  1. How to go to Tblisi, Georgia?

Tblisi is the capital of Georgia. There are no direct flights from Manila but there are a lot of options. Now airfare would be the biggest taker in your budget, but stay chill – hotels and other expenses are more affordable when compared to most Schengen Area. Tblisi International Airport (TBS) caters to a lot of major Airlines such as Qatar Airways, FlyDubai, Emirates and a whole lot more. As per latest checking cheapest flight roundtrip is around *Php47,000/person all in with 30kg baggage allowance with meals via Qatar Airways with connecting flight at Doha. This is a really good deal, dates are within the beautiful season (End of August) plus QR is a really reputable Airline! (Check out Air Travel Terms here) Total flying time would be around 14 hours (on this route).

Hassle free booking of Airfare through Travel Hits Pilipinas (Major Credit Cards accepted, DTI Registered!)

2.  But before booking your flight… you might want to secure your E-Visa first!

An E-Visa is an entry permit which is filed online. It is convenient and must be paid thru credit card (hassle free). Try and apply here. It costs *$20 + 2% service charge. Depending on the exchange rate it may play around Php*1,118. Super cheap right!? Requirements are just easy too!

  • **Travel Document Passport
  • Photo
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • **Proof of Accommodation (book your hotels through www.booking.com, no payment needed yet and free cancellation on most hotels!)
  • **Travel and Health Insurance (you can purchase this online, AXA offers this type of insurance, explore more here: https://www.axa-schengen.com/en) Around Php1,500 for 8 days insurance!
  • **COE/Bank Cert / Bank Statement :/ (I know, i feel you too, everytime!)

For full details click here! **to be presented too at Georgia Immigrations

3. Now what to see and do in Georgia? Here are the top suggestions under Things to Do from Trip Advisor:

  • Stroll at the old town of Tbilisi
photo not mine (all rights reserved to www.jackandjilltravel.com)
photo not mine – (all rights reserved to http://cdn.thepointsguy.com/)
  • Ride the Aerial Tramway
  • Visit the Bridge of Peace
photo not mine (all rights reserved to www.skyscrapercity.com)
photo not mine – (all rights reserved to skyscrapercity)
  • Visit a lot of Cathedrals and Museums
  • Shop at handmade craft shops
  • Have a gourmet and Wine tour! Indulge in a lot of Wine bar and cafes
  • If you have extra budget, have a Royal Bath in one of their famous Spa


I, myself haven’t been to Georgia. But now I am dreaming and stuck between Schengen Area and Georgia! What are your thoughts? Happy day dreaming and traveling!


-Jaey x

 Disclaimer: Use this guide at your own risk. Prices, Visa Process and Requirements may vary. This post is not sponsored and is purely inspirational. All photos are not mine. Credits to all the photo owners, all rights are reserved to them. Georgia is a gem in Europe. My post does not suggest that Georgia could be a substitute to any Schengen countries and likewise Schengen countries are not a substitute  to Georgia. They are both lovely and great alternatives for all the wanderers out there. Any corrections / suggestions / miscredit feel free to reach out here.

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