Browgraphy at Browhaus The Brow Salon

heyjaey at browhaus manila

After my enjoyable Brazilian Waxing experience at Strip Manila I was immediately assisted to Browhaus The Brow Salon. Browhaus and Strip Manila are always a tandem so you can have a beauty day in just one go and  all in one place! I was taken to another world as I enter the lounge of Browhaus.

heyjaey at browhaus manila

Sleek, green and gold with the famous cute avant-garde eye icon – Browhaus reminded me of Lady Gaga. I can clearly see that their services are straightforward and they are confident with what they do and how they do it.

heyjaey browhaus manila

Ms Monique told me I was going to do a BROWGRAPHY – it is a package of Eyebrow Tint and a combination of Threading and Tweezing. I was so excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I only did threading once before in a different salon and i didn’t do it again cause it was too painful for me to bear. But with what I have researched – the quality of threads from Browhaus are organic so there will be less pain. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Woo hoo!


I was then introduced to Ritch who will be my brow artist for the day. And we went to my station.


She started off by showing me my brows and explaining its shape, she also recommended the right tint for my skin tone and hair. We decided together on the medium brown. I told her I wanted to keep it dark then she went off to prepare the color cream afterwards. The coloring process just takes 10-15minutes.

heyjaey browgraphy

From there the cream will be wiped off, brows will be cleaned and so the threading begins. I felt sleepy cause Ritch was really light handed! Although under the brows were the most delicate for me, she taught me a technique where I could stretch my eyelid (closed) and undereye, this way there would be less pain.

heyjaey browgraphy

The final step was tweezing and just cleaning. Same with waxing, she applied a post-wax care cream. I was really happy with how she followed my natural shape and with the new color of my brows. It was an instant make-over!

heyjaey browgraphy

heyjaey browgraphy

Now my fear for threading is all gone. Thank you Ritch and Browhaus for my beautiful new brows!


Browhaus is also famous for Brow Resurrection. It is a semi-permanent brow enhancement that lasts you a long time. Ms Monique (PR and Marketing Manager of Harem Inc) showed hers to me and it looked oh so natural! I am so saving for it!

Strip Manila and Browhaus Brow Salon can be found on the  5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Edsa, Dona Julia Vargas Ave,Mandaluyong City

T: +63(2) 531-4083
M: +63(917) 847-7751
Operating Hours:
Sun-Sat: 10AM to 10PM

heyjaey strip manila and browhaus salon

Other branches: Serendra, BGC and Greenbelt 5

For more information visit their official website here.

heyjaey at browhaus manila

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Jaey x

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Disclaimer and Transparency Clause: Prices / locations are subject to change. The services I availed was sponsored by Harem Inc. HEYJAEY is an advocate of unbiased and transparent blogging. Services experienced with this brand were reviewed equally and fairly


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