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strip ministry of waxing manila

Current self-care trends for women, and even men involves waxing and easy enhancements like threading, semi-permanent make-up and more. I have recently discovered that Harem Inc. creators of Strip Manila and Browhaus Brow Salon has the most up to date techniques that promises quality and almost pain-free services

browhaus manila strip ministry of waxing manila

With international branches in New York, London, Jakarta, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong and now in Manila, I am truly grateful to be invited by the charming PR & Marketing Manager of Harem Inc. – Ms Monique Jamlang, to try out and review their services. I am no virgin when it comes to waxing and threading. I have tried multiple waxing and threading salons. Each has different techniques and formula used. I also know how to wax myself so consequently, whatever I assert in this review, I can stand by it!

Strip Ministry of Waxing or also known as Strip Manila 

heyjaey at strip manila

Its true what I have read in other reviews, Strip has the most ecstatic interiors. They wanted to make you feel at ease rather than scared since we all have that mindset that waxing could be painful as it gets! Ms Monique led me to the couch and explained the services that I’m going to try out for that day. For Strip – I will do the Brazilian Wax. How Exciting?! (?! – intended ha ha) and for Browhaus – it will be Browgraphy.

heyjaey - strip manila balloon manual for wax virgins

They had this cute balloon manual which serves as a guide for Wax Virgins. It emphasizes on erasing your fears and being complacent. Why?


  • all of their staffs are well trained and has a medical background
  • their everyday mantra includes: Hygiene, Speed & Quality (YES! SPEED!)
  • they have annual QA training held by their Singapore team, so each year they have to renew and pass their tests. Talk about Quality!

Now let me walk you through… I was welcomed by Karen who will do the Brazilian Waxing Service for me. She was really nice and pleasant (wish we had a selfie, Karen!) she escorted me to my room.

heyjaey at strip manila

Then she showed me this Individual “Let’s Kit it Clean” pouch. You’ll have one of your own for every service.

hey jaey strip manila individual waxing kits

heyjaey strip manila fun kits

One thing I noticed about them is their attention to detail. It’s not just about the quality of the service but also every bits of the interiors and materials are well made.

heyjaey- before you wax details heyjaey - service bed of strip manila





All set!

heyjaey ready for brazilian wax

The formula and technique they do and use for the service is amazing. There were 3 bowls of cream-like waxes and they smell so good that i wanted to taste it – lol. You can choose between strawberry, chocolate and lemon. Each has its own benefits – Lemon is for Whitening and Chocolate is for thick hair. Karen used the three flavors so I could try them all. Lovely! The waxes were heated in the same container and spatulas are used to place it on. THEY NEVER DOUBLE DIP. After each dip they throw it away and use a new one. End of story.

I was surprised on how warm the wax is but it was but totally manageable. She explains everything she does hence you wont be tensed. She said it has to be warm as it helps open up the pores, that way, the hairs will be waxed from the roots/follicles and in-grown can be avoided plus growth of hair will be fine and very slow. As the wax molds, I was waiting for her to get a waxing strip but I became shocked when she stripped the cream off! The cream suddenly is now a solid mold and became the strip itself. Awesome!

Now the whole process is just quick – in less that 25 minutes, it was all done! I have to be honest! I felt some pain. I have tried the same service with more than 3 known salons, I have to say Strip Manila is less painful and more quick if you know what I mean. Plus they have their own ways too, you can hold on to your squeezy toys and breathe in and out to help you calm down. Speaking of calming down, they have this complimentary drops that they can place under your tongue. It can make you feel calm if you really are that tensed. I didn’t asked for it since I am already experienced with brazilian style waxing. You can’t avoid the pain in brazilian, specially that its focused on one of the most sensitive parts of our bod. The good thing is, it really is fast, i could say that there was only pain for the first 10-15 minutes and the rest was just touch ups.

After the procedure she placed a post-wax cream on me that felt really soothing. Then Karen cleaned everything up, thanked me and left me in the room alone for me to put on my garments. There was a mirror in the room so I cant help but check mine and I was really happy with the result and it smelled really good. Ok, it may sound awkward but even without reaching down it still smelled like strawberries and lemon!

heyjaey - strip manila bees wax

I took my time to scan the room and hallway. I was still in awe with all of the effort they put in just for the details.

strip -lounge-7

Compared to other waxing salons within the Metro, you may have to add a little more on the price for Strip Manila’s services. Click here to see the menu and rates. But mind you, you would really get more than what you pay for. Just some itsy bitsy pain, the feeling of being pleasantly clean will last you a while and its all worth it! When it comes to self-care, skin care and body rituals it is important to invest on quality rather than ending up being sorry. Don’t forget – Strip Ministry of Waxing promises you an excellent and edgy experience!

5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Edsa, Dona Julia Vargas Ave,Mandaluyong City

T: +63(2) 531-4083
M: +63(917) 847-7751
Operating Hours:
Sun-Sat: 10AM to 10PM

Other branches: Serendra, BGC and Greenbelt 5 | For more information visit their official website here.

Wax you later! ( I mean catch)

Jaey x

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Want to know more about what i did next? Browgraphy at Browhaus The Brow Salon! Click here.

Disclaimer and Transparency Clause: Prices / locations are subject to change. The services I availed was sponsored by Harem Inc. HEYJAEY is an advocate of unbiased and transparent blogging. Services experienced with this brand are reviewed equally and fairly.



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