10 things I learned from the Accenture Forum 2016

heyjaey accenture shaping the future forum 2016

Jam packed with enthusiasts – the Samsung Hall at SM Aura shined brighter than ever on the morning of August 6th. This is the 7th Accenture Shaping the Future Forum.

heyjaey accenture shaping the future

The long queue didn’t stopped the technology savvy attendees from fresh graduates to professionals. It was truly a state of the art event where in you’ll get your own QR code upon registration. The event also has its own hashtag and a huge social LED board for live Facebook updates.

heyjaey accenture forum manila 2016

Almost settled down, an interesting series of videos caught my attention which was about the annual campus showdown “Program the Future” it was a contest of skills and creativity through coming together and creating an app that would create a positive revolution locally. The finalists were also present during the event.

heyjaey accenture forum manila 2016

The event formally begun with an opening remarks followed by a set of speakers for the morning. Before lunch was served they had brief Q&A from the discerning audience. The afternoon was filled  with break out sessions and mini workshops held at the same venue while they also opened their IT playground to everyone. The IT Playground is a dream come true for every aficionado: state of the art modules, activity booths and workshop area were set up to provide the latest platforms for connected applications, analytics and more.

heyjaey accenture forum manila 2016

heyjaey accenture forum manila 2016

Here are the top 10 things that I have learned from the event:

  1. Social platforms are affecting and changing our behavior. (This can be positive or negative)
  2. If you want to be number 1, you have to transform.
  3. Continuously learn. Be agile and stay relevant. (1-3 as per speaker Chucky Castro)
  4. Go out of your comfort zone and think of how you can help to improve the world with innovation.
  5. Innovation does not have to be complicated, it can be simple.
  6. It can be brought together by accessible materials and can always be a basic human need (5-6 as per speaker Aiza Mileno).
  7. There will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020
  8. The more innovation the more threat to security will be present.
  9. New platforms will be introduced such as Alexa (similar to Siri but a solo device) and Amelia, virtual assistants.
  10. The next big thing after Virtual Reality (VR) will be Mixed Reality – a combination of Virtual and Augmented Reality. (Could that be something like the Pokemon Go app? Hmmm..) (7-10 as per Dr. Abel Sanchez)

heyjaey accenture forum manila 2016


I am not an IT graduate. I think I am not that fit or techy enough for the course. But I  do crave for continuous learning. I always dreamed of becoming a webmaster when I was in highschool and now that I am a webmaster myself – I came to the conclusion that you can always achieve something not just because you have worked hard for it, but you have found the perfect balance between your passion and yourself. Just remember what the speakers said. Be agile and stay relevant. 🙂



Jaey x

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