Executive Suite Experience at Novotel Manila Araneta Center

novotel araneta manila executive suite toilet and bath

The last weekend of August 2016 was one of the magical weekends my partner and I have ever had! We were more than fortunate enough to experience the luxurious Executive Suite at Novotel Araneta Center.

The thought of staying at a suite with premiere lounge access was purely exciting already but little did we know that the Novotel Manila team has prepared even more surprises for us. This post will focus on reviewing the Executive Suite, its overall feel, service and experience. I will be having a separate post for the Premiere Lounge, its other restaurants and the whole hotel itself where we were able to tour and try around during our stay – so please stay tuned!

Our day started very early as Ms Angela Silvestre (Digital Marketing Manager of Novotel Araneta) informed us that we could arrive earlier than expected. This will give us ample time to prepare, cover and film before we relax. (It’s our anniversary weekend by the way!) I dressed up with casual, shorts, plain shirt and scarf – my usual blogging attire: comfy and basic. We arrived at around 9:30am and I was totally surprised that from the moment we stepped out of the car Ms Shirley Santiago (Assistant Premiere Lounge Manager) was already waiting for us! As we entered the lobby  Angela was waiting for us too along with another support staff. We were also introduced to Mr Sven Toune – Front Office Manager. We didn’t went through the check in counters as we headed directly to the elevator escorted by the 3 managers. This gave me the idea that Novotel Manila has a homelike and laidback feel. Angela informed us that guests who are staying at the Executive Suites/Rooms need not to go through the check in counters at the ground floor anymore and have to go up to the Premiere Lounge at the 24th floor instead. That is such a breeze.

Novotel Araneta Manila Executive Floor

They dropped us off at our designated floor and guided us again to our suite. We were so amazed when they told us that the suite they gave us was the exact same suite where Pia Wurtzbach usually stays whenever she’s in Manila. Another OMG moment for me. There was a Welcome VIP Setup then the three lovely ladies wished us an enjoyable stay.

Novotel Araneta Manila Executive Suite Welcome set up

Novotel Araneta Manila Executive Suite Welcome

After they left Ray and I exchanged glances, surprised and panicky since we were really not expecting to feel as if we were VIPs. In my previous experiences, I was just always there to cover, to question, shoot, write and in short work in behalf of my blog. I don’t know maybe because I consider blogging as my work and passion at the same so I ain’t got no time for relaxation and stuff. But as early as checking in, they made us already feel at ease and they wanted us to relax and have fun. How lovely! (Note: Still cant avoid the workaholic in me though, throughout the stay I was still jotting down notes and capturing everything! hahaha)

If you want to have a quick virtual tour of the whole suite here’s a video I have uploaded 🙂

Meanwhile here’s the detailed review!

As you enter the suite the first thing you’ll notice is a beautiful washroom which you will be able to see in my virtual tour above) – this is not the main toilet yet! As you walk towards the living room/lounge you will be given a glimpse of a huge bath on your left beside the storage and closet space.  I have to say its my favorite part of the suite and I will talk about it more later!

novotel araneta manila executive suite toilet and bath

The living room has a very cool and modern vibe. It is equipped with a huge LED TV, a couch that can accommodate up to 4 people.  The suite was over all clean and crisp looking and I like how the natural light flows inside the room.

Novotel Araneta Manila Executive Suite living room

novotel araneta manila executive suite



Your mini bar and coffee and tea making facilities are located at the living room too. Are you able to see that pink sliding door? It leads to the bedroom 🙂


Here’s the mini fridge filled with assorted drinks at an additional cost but hey the prices are not that bad. We availed some sparkling water and was surprised it was just Php75. I was expecting a doubled price similar to my previous experiences where mini bar drinks and quick chows are priced higher than usual.

novotel araneta manila executive suite mini bar

Coffee press and espresso shots 🙂

novotel araneta manila executive suite mini bar

novotel araneta manila executive suite mini bar

I have been trying to avoid the bedroom cause I didn’t want to lie down! I might end up sleeping all day and not be able to study and explore the further details of Novotel. The bedroom is impressive though! Can you see those semi-folded pillows? They are called smart pillows, designed for business travelers. They can be folded so you can lie down or sit and have your laptop and gears placed on top of the pillow.

novotel araneta manila executive suite bedroom

I knew I didn’t have to bring my own speaker – they’ve got their own bluetooth speaker which is really cool! So small yet could blast sound into the whole room.


novotel araneta manila executive suite bedroom

And if ever you’re wondering about the view…

novotel araneta manila executive suite

novotel araneta manila executive suite bedroom

Unto the place which I shared about whole time – it gave me delight all throughout out our stay even by just staring at it! Its so pleasant to see a toilet and bath with this kind of special configuration.

novotel araneta manila executive suite bath

Loot on point!

novotel araneta manila executive suite toiletries

We’ve got separate sinks. And the towels were sufficient enough. Some of it we didn’t even used as they also promote care for the environment.

novotel araneta manila executive suite bath

Hands down to the vanity mirror and main mirror lights which was oddly satisfying to the point I filmed one of my Youtube secret series here!

novotel araneta manila executive suite bath

Novotel Manila Araneta Executive Suite

If I have to criticize the suite (which is so close to perfection btw!) my only suggestion would be just to stabilize the wifi facility and that’s it! Also a personal tip from my end is to request for an early check in or to inform the front desk the time of your arrival to avoid the queue at the lobby during check in/out period. Novotel is popular within the area and the chic rooms are selling like pancakes! Unquestionably, the staff are a grace under pressure and possesses the warmest smiles. Don’t forget your personalized check-in / check-out privilege at the premiere lounge if you will be staying at one of the executive rooms or suite!

I can’t believe how affordable the rooms are but the service you get are a top notch. Other special details of the suite that I have noticed were:

  • bath robe has a special sizes for men and women
  • in room controls were all personalized and easy to navigate
  • lots of light but tons of switches too which means you can design how you want the suite to be lighted day and night
  • ample space if you have guests
  • ample sockets specially at the desk for working and multi-charging

Thank you to these lovely ladies who welcomed us! Look at those bright smiles ❤

novotel araneta manila executive suite premiere lounge

Executive Room with Premiere Lounge Access and breakfast starts at Php7,140++

Executive Suite with Premiere Lounge Access and breakfast starts at Php9,044++

They also have Superior and Deluxe Rooms! Comment / Hola at me if you want a preview.

To book or inquire check out Novotel Manila Araneta Center’s offical website.

Gen Aguinaldo Avenue
Araneta Center
Tel (+63)2/9907888       – Fax (+63)2/9907888
Email H7090@accor.com

Feel free to also check out Novotel Manila’s Premiere Lounge Review!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer and Transparency Clause: Prices and specifications may be subject to change without prior notice. My stay was sponsored but my review is based on a hundred percent transparent hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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