Brighter days with Ishigaki Glutathione

ageless beauty potions

My skin has never been that fair but I’ve always been eager to have more healthier looking skin. Taking in Relumins was a good start for me cause it has helped inhibit oxidation from within.

Now, Ageless Beauty Potions sent me the popular Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend. It’s an amino acid supplement that contains custom blend tri-peptide and essential amino acids that are not just for skin lightening but helps on the overall wellness as well such as hair, nails and bones!

ishigaki premium glutathione

I just finished up my 1st bottle of Ishigaki which contains 30 capsules. Ageless Beauty Potions advised me to take 2 capsules per day. And I am now here to give my first impressions…

ishigaki before

Photo above shows my arms before taking in Ishigaki.

ishigaki after 1 bottle

Photo above shows after more or less 2 weeks of taking in Ishigaki. Despite of the lighting conditions you can easily see the gradual increase in lightening.

I also even noticed how my skin shows up in the photos, I honestly am surprised at times when taking photos with my bad old front camera of how glowing my skin currently is. Given that I was so busy and almost lost track of my sleep, these supplements helped my skin manage to stay at seventh heaven.

ageless beauty potions

Just look at the above photo – my Aussie and Japanese bffs are beside me and they are naturally fair and pale! I woke up at 7am and still rocking it at 11pm, thanks to Ishigaki. lol!

Caution: Series of selfies ahead.

ageless beauty potions ageless beauty potions

Other things that I have noticed was even if I am not applying lotion religiously, my skin remained less dry even if my skin is normal to dry at most times.

ageless beauty potions ageless beauty potions

If you’re thinking of getting gluta IV / drip sessions, I strongly suggest you start with this one first or maybe try it along with your sessions? It would definitely bring more power to your whitening rituals.

ageless beauty potions

Thank you Ishigaki, I remain confident whatever, whenever, hahaha!

10 years strong of selling beauty products in the market, Ageless beauty potions has shared the best products that they have actually tested that delivers actual results. They have received numerous awards including this year’s “Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence!” Confident with my skin and also with this supplier, their products are absolutely legit and safe.

I can’t wait to get unto my next Ishigaki bottles and share with you my continuous updates and results. 🙂

Ageless Beauty Potions


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