Reviving Damaged Hair

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Here goes my hair story from damaged hair to normal hair again! I am still in the process and more than a year in the making! If you’ve got damaged hair, let it rest and try switch natural. Your hair will love you back, I swear. Product review starts at 5:18


! if you’ll notice I always tend to look on the left – its because I am looking at the camera’s LCD, its kind of new. And honestly! I have to be used to looking at the lenses, lol !

Products mentioned:

– V05 / VO5 Shampoo – Cash and Carry Supermarket, American Home shop Php99-120
– Human Nature Natural StrengtheningConditioner – not shown in the video Php300
– Oleo Hair Regrowth Conditioner from Sesou Nature Source Php150 -180
– Cocobody Virgin Coconut Shampoo – they have different packaging now Php180
– Milcu Gugo Shampoo – bought this in Mercury Drug Store in Makati
– Jason Restorative Biotin Shampoo – Healthy Options awaiting reply from my Mom for the price!
-Shampoo and Conditioner travel size from Novotel Amenity Kit
– Nature’s Bounty Extra Strength Hair Skin Nails Oral Supplement – also available in Healthy Options or S&R but cheaper here – Ebay: Balikbayanmerchandise Php850
– Weekly hair treat: Extra virgin olive oil, organic unfiltered honey
– Dandruff Treatment: Baking Soda + Apple Cider with water use as shampoo, but be careful, close your eyes when doing this!

– Tints of Nature – bought it also in Healthy Options Php875 per box !UPDATE! This product is no good for me 😦 Didnt colored my hair even for a bit (maybe because I have black hair but still its in a blonde shade) and it caused my hair to break and have hair fall! That is just sad.

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