Beyond Travel and Yoga

I am fortunate enough to have a quick chat with my friend back in high school, Louie Maycong who is now a teacher of an interesting mix, Pre-school and Yoga. Knowing Louie, it did not came as a surprise to me watching him advance in the art of Yoga as he has already been filled with so much passion and grace ever since. Louie is currently based in the iconic city of Singapore and also writes his own blog – He now shares with us his thoughts in pursuing his dreams through traveling and wellness.

louie maycong

How do you manage your full time work and passion? I am blessed that my Principal and my school is allowing me to do what I love, I teach Children’s Yoga, which is really part of my lessons and I do more during Holiday Program. Every 2 months, parents visit the school for a Yoga session with me and breakfast with their children.


What keeps you going? What keeps me going is when I see yoga practitioners on Instagram do amazing yoga poses. I believe this is one of the best things the social media do to me as a yoga practitioner. My Yoga teachers are also the reason why I keep on practicing. They always teased me that I am lazy and not consistent with my practice, whenever they talked to me. I feel the genuine love, sincerity and concern that they want me to become even better and stronger with my practice.


What is your daily routine? On weekdays, I work at 9 am in the morning but I wake up at 6 am to prepare myself and my things. I hit the gym at 7 am to run, lift weights and do little stretching. After school, I go to my yoga studio around 7 pm to attend class/es with my yoga teachers. My weekends is pretty flexible, I attend 2 to 3 classes in the studio, I go to the gym in the afternoon, visit new vegetarian restaurants during Sundays and visit crazy yoga friends when they are available.


Whats the biggest turning point of your career? I worked in the Philippines for one School Year, I thought I already had an amazing Preschool Teacher career in Manila until the opportunity came to work here in Singapore.




How do you travel and do yoga at the same time? Whenever I travel, I always make sure yoga is included in the bucket list. Either I find accommodation near a yoga studio, teach yoga class or workshop, and / or visit my yoga friends somewhere around the world to practice yoga and hang out with them.




Any tips for people who wants to do yoga but are afraid they are not flexible enough or think they are too old? Yoga is for everyone and definitely Yoga is not only for flexible people. To all the people who wants to learn yoga, I suggest learn the traditional Sun Salutation A or Surya Namasar A for a good start. Always practice this in the morning during sunrise or in the afternoon during sunset. Yoga, this Divine practice is really fun; it offers not only physical practice but also spiritual and health benefits. Always remember to fit yourself into the Yoga Pose not the other way. Stay safe and enjoy your breath while practicing.


Aside from traveling, yoga and turning into a vegetarian, what are other items on your list? As a preschool teacher, I do a lot for my school and for my students – I decorate classrooms, I choreograph dances, I direct stage plays and many more. As a yoga practitioner and a certified instructor- I’m hopeful for the new things that I need to learn as a yoga student. And as a teacher, I can’t wait to have more yoga classes and workshops here in Singapore and abroad. I am indeed very blessed and being grateful for the things that I have are best treasures that I want to keep and share. Namaste.



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