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After booking you’re promo or budget airfare lodging may come next on your list. This can be a broad topic but we’ll narrow it down to Hotels leaving out backpacker hostels, Airbnb etc. Did you know that you can book a decent hotel at almost the same rate of Airbnb, shared dormitory, capsule hotel, backpackers inn, etc? If you’ll ask me I will always go after privacy and location since we always travel as a couple. Don’t get me wrong I love Airbnb and booked with it 5 or more times! But in this post I will share with you tips and tricks on finding the perfect hotel with the best deals that you can get! Watch out for the “dirty hacks” by the end!

Use booking sites “wisely”

If you ever used or their rates are much much lower compared to the publish rates of the hotels. These booking sites are very much flexible when it comes to cancellation & refund policies plus you can even book some hotels without the use of credit cards! So in case you change your mind or if you find a better deal you can cancel it depending on the allowance of days before travel date indicated. Always remember to mark your calendar and check your email regularly to be in the loop should your booking gets nearer your travel date.

Hotel Booking Tips example

Hint: For travel on peak seasons and hot tourist spots, book at least 6 months ahead to grab the best hotels (best in terms of review, location etc) don’t hesitate to book it since you can cancel your booking at anytime (again, depending on the stated policy) just to secure your accommodation for your specific travel.

Use filters according to your preference

Filters and sorting tools can be your best friend. Hint: Combine Review Score and Price filters to get the highest reviewed hotels with the lowest prices

Hotel Booking Tips

Pay attention to your Credit Card Provider offers

Yes you may get annoying recurring emails but pay attention closely to the newsletters your Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AmEx etc are sending. You may be missing out some really good deals. Most of the offers include additional discounts for booking sites or even up to 50% discount for luxury hotels. Who knows you’ll just add a bit of amount and it might take your vacation to the next level.

BDO Credit Card Promo

(c) BDO

Hotel Club Membership is always useful

Hotel memberships may sound intimidating to you but did you know that most of the time signing up is free even if you’re not a previous guest? Plus you can get exclusive access to private sales and all. I myself is a member of Le Club Accor, Ascott etc and I didn’t pay a dime but am receiving notifications for exciting promotions! Hint: Get even bigger discounts on mobile apps of their own.

Hotel Booking Tips and hacks

(c) Accor

Disclaimer: The dirty hacks start here, use this trick at your own risk. I love different kinds of booking – be it booking sites, booking directly through the Hotel or even finding new ways and tricks to share it with my readers. So please don’t judge hard!

There would be 2 tricks that will be mentioned but both are very similar.

(1) I accidentally discovered this years ago while booking for my mom. I was looking at purchasing at this deal site (e.g. deal grocer, metro deal etc) and wanted to check if the date is still available so I called the hotel reservations. And they said discreetly – yes its available but if we want, we can book it directly through them with a “lower rate” of course I couldn’t say no to the offer:

Published Rate: Php7,000++/night suite -> Deal Site: Php5,000 nett / night suite -> Upfront offer: Php3,800 nett per night suite with buffet breakfast for two

That was one hell of a deal!

(2) During one of our trips in Boracay way way back we wanted to splurge on our final days in the island.  One hotel got our attention as it was funky looking and modern. We fell in love with it but the lowest published rate was around Php8,000++/night. We browsed through / but took our chance to check if they have special “walk-in rates” or other “ongoing promos” for walk-ins. Here’s what we got:

Published Rate: Php8,000++/night  -> Booking Site: Php5,000 ++ / night suite -> Upfront offer: Php8,000 nett 2 Nights yes TWO! with buffet breakfast for two

Overall, it’s basically asking the hotel directly discreetly for other promos other than the booking sites etc but note that this may not work for all.

Dirty trick ends here —-

Final hack is to use TRIVAGO

No this is not a sponsored post but TRIVAGO is like the Skyscanner of hotels. It’s a price comparison site combining different booking sites showing you the best lowest rate at a specified location, its got filters for prices, stars and reviews hence what’s not to love!

Hotel Booking Tips

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do and wish you the best in booking your trip!

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Jaey x

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Disclaimer: No revenue infliction intended, just sharing tips for budget traveling. Information are subject to change without prior notice. This post is not sponsored and is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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