Shangri-la, Sofitel, Marriott, Peninsula and more held hands together for Sustainable Seafood Week 2017

All eyes and ears were on sustainable seafood last January 16 but first please don’t hit that exit button just yet as these words may sound fancy but it is a serious issue. So serious our country is fortunate enough that Blueyou Meliomar together with world known hotels and NGOs are teaming up with each other to raise awareness about the future of our oceans being at stake.

Sustainable Seafood Week 2017 Philippines

This Sustainable Seafood Week campaign started last year and due to its success the campaign is being launched again this year making it bigger and more audible.

Participants from the seafood industry, hotels, restaurants, culinary school and NGOs come together to establish a week long platform discussing on the status, challenges and solutions for change in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Sustainable Seafood Week 2017 Philippines

The media launch was held at the Marriott Manila Grand Ballroom and it was a unique sight and experience to see all these groups join as one though some may be a competitor of their own.

Sustainable Seafood Week 2017 Philippines

The launch started with pre-dinner cocktails, demos and cooking exhibitions which was very pleasing to the eyes and made our stomachs whimsical as we look at those freshh sustainble seafood! Eventually, the press conference started and  plans for this year’s set of activities were discussed. The activity week will start on February 20 and will end on February 26, 2017.

  • February 20 – Hyatt City of Dreams | Workshops and Kinilaw Bar at Agos Restaurant
  • February 21 – Discovery Primea | Rare fish forever | Enderun Learning Event
  • February 22 – Simultaneous events in New World Makati, Marco Polo Ortigas
  • February 23 – Sustainable Seafood Event with Accor Group at Sofitel
  • February 24 – Simultaneous events in Enderun, Hyatt City of Dreams and New World Malate
  • February 25 – Sustainable Seafood Cooking at New World Malate and Club marriott Dinner
  • February 26 – Closing at Peninsula Makati

Please note that this is just a partial list of the set please refer here for more information.

Immediately after the brief introduction and press con, the live buffet stations finally opened and everyone started to cheer, go around and fill in their tummies with the specially cooked seafood being served.

Sustainable Seafood Week 2017

Largest Paella Pot I have ever seen and it was tasty too! (by Marco Polo Ortigas)


This one is the most innovative for me. The shrimps got crunchy due to chippy! (by Discovery Leisure Company)


The star of the show was this huuuuge seafood table (By Marriott Manila) that you can customize according to the sauces, its so cute, you get to pick a mason jar filled with pre-made salad and mix it with your shrimp/prawn. It was star of the show not only because of its interesting feature but on how it made a grand entrance to the event! Watch it on my facebook page (live).


The live buffet was indeed  extra-ordinary. I can’t image what’s in store for the upcoming Sustainable seafood week this Febraury! Top of the top chefs prepared the dishes personally and you can see all the effort they put in even for the simplest details. The innovation, presentation, and passion was all here, all fired up!

It’s amazing how all kinds of people from different industries, countries come together to raise awareness in pursuing fully traceable, legal, sustainable and socially responsible seafood.

Sustainable Seafood Week 2017

I am pretty sure that this year’s roll out will be another success. It is not everyday that we get to see them all in one room for one good cause. Bless them all!


Should you wish to join the activities this year and build movement or even inspire change for the oceans please do reach out to Claudia Rose Mendez, Business Development of Meliomar, 0917-8243702.

Jaey x

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