Rebecca on Travelling Fashionably

rebecca del rosario on travel and fashion

Travel and Fashion are two different things but when both are mixed together perfectly, it can make a great experience, influence and expression. In this post we are lucky to be joined by Rebecca – a trendsetter who can make heads turn in an instant. Print-ad model, girl-boss and a hot momma, this woman is a perfect 10 who loves to travel just like us. She’s here to give some tips and insights on how to Travel and still manage create inspiring OOTD shots!

Rebecca Del Rosario on Travel and Fashion

1. Give us an overview of your style and taste in fashion.

Fashion for me is a way of expressing oneself. I don’t really have a specific style in fashion as I love experimenting. It makes me know myself more.

Rebecca Del rosario on travel and fashion

2. Who or what are your inspirations?

My fashion inspirations are Blake Lively, Camille Co, and Heart Evangelista. I just love how they pull off whatever style there is, and how they carry themselves whatever, whenever, and wherever. I love to see women who are confident with themselves whatever their style may be. “Wear it loud and proud.😉

Rebecca Del rosario on travel and fashion

3. How do you choose your clothes?

Honestly, it depends on my mood. I dress to express and impress myself.

Rebecca Del rosario on travel and fashion

4. Are you able to pack light on your travels but still be able to come up with OOTD worthy get ups? How?

Yes. My secret when I travel is I choose 2 to 3 colors of clothes for the whole trip to lessen the need of “complementing” and “mixing and matching”. 😉

Rebecca Del Rosario on Travel and Fashion

5. Do you have any tips for gals and guys who want to be more confident with their fashion statement?

Wear whatever you feel is comfortable for you. Just be yourself. Express yourself through fashion, because It shows the world who you are.

Rebecca Del rosario on travel and fashion

6. What specific country/travel do you think would be able to unleash your ultimate styling potential?

Japan. I love the culture, weather, food, and YES their fashion. Layering is my thing there. You know apart from being convenient during chilly weather, I love how Japanese people achieve a certain look and make a boring basic outfit extremely stylish and fashionable by wearing all clothes at the same time. 😉

Rebecca Del rosario on travel and fashion

7. What is your favorite season for styling?

Christmas! The Christmas spirit, and weather. The only time here in our country that I think I can express my love for layering. 😄 Beyond being functional, putting some thought into color and texture combinations while layering not only adds variety but also adds individuality and personality to your overall look.  Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, too! Love wearing the most comfy staples for the rest of the season! Colors, textures, and more!

Rebecca Del rosario on travel and fashion

8. What are the (fashion) pieces you can’t travel without?

Skinny jeans in a goes-with-anything color like black or dark blue.


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