Philippines’ leading motivational network goes Digital

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Digital Transformation this 2017 is becoming more intense as brands and companies give in to the changing demands of consumers and audiences. Light Network, a part of ZOE Broadcasting Network (affiliate of GMA Network) is a country’s first one-of-a-kind motivational and inspirational station. This coming April, Mega Manila can now experience next level innovation as Light Network converts to Digital Terrestrial Television that is capable of multiple digital viewing platforms.

travel blog philippines

We can expect enriched image and sound quality during the switch over. The channel will also be equipped with an Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) – you can see this in feature used in western apocalyptic movies. This feature is used to transmit nationwide warning announcements in times of earthquakes, tsunamis, or other high alert disasters which will be beneficial for the citizens.

travel blog philippines

I am really excited for the Light Network Family, specially given that their main purpose is to motivate and communicate hope to the viewers and they are doing this all for the Glory of God.

For more information visit their website or like them on Facebook.

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