If not now, when?

Remember the time when we didn’t take Facebook or Friendster seriously so we place in our current Location “Paris, France”. Most girls consider Paris as their ultimate dream destination. No wonder since its the city of love, dreams and art. We all work hard  for travel cause we believe there are no shortcuts and that we consider a lot of factors such us career, long distance relationships and more. Though there’s this one girl who broke the norm, took the risk and left it all – all for her greatest dream – Paris. Aprielle is a Filipina, student assistant and consistent dean’s lister in College. She used to be my schoolmate and since then she’s already a fan of traveling. I witnessed how she started touring locally until she fulfilled her Asian bucketlist. We lost contact for a while and when I found her in Facebook I immediately uttered “I’d be damned!” She’s living the high life now, traveling the world and her current new address? Paris, France.


So pretty yet so humble, we are fortunate enough to grab a sec from her #lifegoals and got to ask a few questions about what it feels like and what’s  her advice to all dreamers out there?

When did you first start to think about traveling?
I can’t really remember but that’s when I started to earn my own money. That was when I worked as a student assistant in Letran.


What made you choose travel as one of your top priorities?
Travel makes me happy. And for me, I prioritize my happiness more than anything.


What was the biggest challenge in your whole traveling experience?
The biggest challenge is traveling alone because I have to carry my own luggage. Haha!


Aprielle is not just about #travelgoals but also #ootd and #hair goals

What was the best experience you’ve had so far?
Omg. A lot. But perhaps the best one is when I went to Swiss Alps. It was a one of a kind experience. It’s been always my dream to go there since I was young.


No she didn’t!

Despite of the countries you have traveled to, do you still have some left on your bucket list?
So many places still. I’m not even halfway through my bucketlist. My goal is to travel to the 7 continents. I want to visit all beautiful cities, islands, villages of these 7 continents.


What is your favorite country (pick only one) ?

FRANCE of course. Haha!


What is your advice to people who wants to travel but feels that there is a lot to be taken care of (pocket money, visa, etc)
All I can say is that dreams do come true. You just have to really make plans and study all the strategies on how to save money, how to apply for visas etc.

How does it feel now that you have met different people, tasted different food, explored different places?
I feel so blessed, really. Now, I think I’m a different person than before in a good way. I am more matured and I can understand more deeply the different kinds of people and their cultures.


How did that changed you?
Okay, so we start with being patient. Before I’m really impatient of waiting (in any forms). But you know here in Europe they prefer quality over quantity. This is probably one of the best things I have adapted from their culture. Second, I’ve learned that what is weird in Asia, is definitely normal in Europe. There are some things that you cannot explain. It’s because each nationality has it’s own customs and traditions. In Europe it’s normal to get naked in a beach. Or let’s say in Sweden, it’s normal to be naked in a lake/beach/park during summer . In Asia, you cannot do this. Haha.


“All I say is that dreams do come true. You just have to really make plans and study all the strategies on how to save money, how to apply for visas etc. “


Aprielle sure does knows what she wants and how she will get it! Well, we surely are more inspired than ever, Aprielle! Thank you for your time and kiss Paris for us, will you?

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Jaey x

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