DIY Around Japan below PHP35K ALL IN SPRING!

Japan JR Pass Itinerary guide

With the amount above you can already:

  • Fly from MNL-NRT-MNL via CebuPacific with 20kg of baggage
  • Pay Php1,620 PH Travel Tax
  • Purchase 7 Day Unlimited Nationwide JR Train Pass from Flytpack
  • Tour from Tokyo to Osaka to Hiroshima to Gifu to Tokyo to Nagano or even Hakodate (Near Sapporo!)
  • Stay at super clean, friendly and equipped hostels for 5 nights
  • Stay at an authentic Ryokan with Private basic Onsen for 1 night in Hiroshima
  • See the fully bloomed Sakura on Peak season or enjoy the Autumn Colors in November or Go all white and sparkly for Winter from December to February!
  • Go Fangirl/boying for “Kimi No Nawa” / “Your Name” at Takayama & Hida Furukawa Gifu.
  • Visit one of the top 3 scenic spots in Japan – Miyajima which features the magnificent Tori Gate by the sea
  • Watch waterfalls, mountains and beautiful meadows surpass your Hida Wide Limited Express Train View
  • Experience the famous comfortable, convenient, most punctual Japan Bullet Train (Shinkansen).
  • Share all of these experiences live thru your Flytpack 2in1 Pocketwifi & Powerbank!

~ All Computation & Itinerary revealed below! ~


And if the amount sounds a bit pricey to you, think again! Just look at some Travel Agency packages that ranges from Php30k-50k but just covers 1 or 2 cities!

Japan JR Pass Itinerary and guide

You can even fly cheaper with better deals from Jetstar and CebPac during Piso Fares and Travel Expos (I discourage going to the PTAA expo). Our Airfare was book a month before our flight. We were lucky to get this promo fare as our booking needs to cover 16 April because we purchased Coldplay Tickets live at Tokyo Dome! Tip: Visa Application often times come along free when you purchase JR passes.


We arrived at Narita around 10am (Cebu Pacific was on time) and had lunch at Shinagawa, Tokyo with my beautiful Japanese friend Marina who was so generous in helping us purchase Coldplay Tickets!

Japan Itinerary JR Pass

Immediately after our lunch we proceeded to the tracks for Osaka (you can do this by just using the non-reserved seats). Tip: Reserved seats are also available and free of charge using your JR Pass at any JR Station Office.

We arrived at Osaka at 5pm and proceeded to our Hotel Zen Labo Osaka. Aftwerwards I surprised Ray by leading him to the Sakura Path of Osaka Mint Bureau. We did a mini-picnic as there were a lot of street food (Wagyu Cubes, Okonomiyaki) beside the beautiful river with lights complementing the cherry blossoms.

Japan Itinerary JR Pass

We strolled around Dotonbori by the end of night. We have been to Osaka already before so we hit the sack early because we want to arrive early in Hiroshima the next day.


We arrived at Hiroshima at around 11am and left our baggage at Ryokan Tanada. The Ryokan was just beside the JR Station. We were able to have a good tour around the city from the Hiroshima Castle to Atomic Bomb Dome to the Peace Park using the Meipuru-ru Sightseeing Loop Bus for free using the JR Pass.


Tip: There is a free Origami Tutorial just near the A-Bomb Dome

Japan Itinerary JR Pass

By 2pm we proceeded to the Miyajimaguchi Station for a ferry ride (again for Free! using JR Pass) to Miyajima Island.


We went back to Hiroshima by nightfall and had a good night sleep at our Ryokan. Tip: But before that Ray and I were able to use their traditional onsen for free, privately. Which was a rare find cause Private Onsens would cost you a lot! It was perfect as the warm water soothed our tired feet due to walking, lol!


DAY 3 & 4

We left Hiroshima and proceeded to Gifu. We were extremely excited as Ray and I were big fans of “Kimi No Nawa” and we wanted to see a different side of Japan. Gifu is known for its Gassho-Zukuri Farmhouses which dates back to 1700s and its festivals which are considered as UNESCO World Intangible Heritage. We stayed in Hida-Takayama for 3 days and also spent a day in Hida-Furukawa – a neighboring town.


Tip: Rent a bike for around Php400/day unlimited – we just biked our way to Hida No Sato Folk Village (a more convenient dupe of Shirakawa-go)


One of the most unforgettable moments for me was the train ride to Takayama using the Hida Wide View Express Train. The views just left us breathless as the tracks led us to the mountain with views of rivers and surreal greenery.


Tip: I highly recommend to reserve seats early for the Hida Wide Express to get the best seats! We got front seats which offered 360 views!

Japan Itinerary JR Pass

The Hida Wide is one of the oldest used trains in Japan. The train ride – I have to reiterate was unforgettable ughh!


By the way, most of the hostels we stayed at looked like this


The beds were huge, Ray and I fit in one box. We used the other deck for additional storage 🙂 Shampoo, Body Wash, Blower are usually provided for FREE.

Tip: Use, you can pay upon arrival! You may use a dummy credit card. In case you forgot to cancel and have found another place to stay 😐 But please cancel prior to arrival so its fair to your prospect Accommodation.


The day our lives were changed forever. LOL. Up to this day. We cant believe that we watched COLDPLAY live. OH MY GOSH. We watched at the popular Tokyo Dome and it was a fantastic experience watching an epic concert with the Japanese crowd!!!


Tip: If Tokyo is a bit cliche for you – you can swap this with Kyoto or even Hakodate (station nearest Sapporo) to get a taste of northern Japan.


Another day dedicated for “Kimi No Nawa” we visited the Suwa Lake in Nagano which is the setting of the famouse Anime Movie. Aside from its popularity due to the movie, we fell in love with the serene town and we were just so lucky to witness the fully bloomed cherry blossoms at Takashima Castle. For sure next  time, we would stay here longer!


Kami-suwa station also offers a free warm foot bath which was so relaxing. The train ride to or from Tokyo takes up to 3 hours using one of their newest limited express – AZUSA (still covered by JR Pass).


We arrived in Tokyo by sunset and decided to tour and purchase souvenirs in Harajuku. What a sweet way to end our jampacked tour!


Back to Narita, Chiba to catch our flight for Manila. Our Narita Express was also covered by the JR Pass. I can’t believe how reasonable the pass was! We, for sure were able to maximized the pass . We only paid for the subway in Osaka once which was no greater than Php180.

Japan Itinerary JR Pass

I hope you were not overwhelmed. But its true, the best of Japan is possible to experience in 7 Days for just Php34k with your own time at your hands!

Believe it! Click the button below to download the FREE HeyJaey guide.

Japan JR Pass Itinerary

*Note* Excel has two tabs: 1 expenses and 1 for Itinerary – feel free to edit it!

Need more inspiration? Check out these highlights from our trip!

I do hope you enjoyed this guide!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer: Use this guide at your own risk. Prices, information, JR Pass conditions, station & timings are subject to change without prior notice. This post is not sponsored and is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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