The Battle of Casino Hotels in the Philippines

Casino Hotels in the Philippines

Eye popping interiors, over the top facades, lavish hotel facilities – these are the top 3 things that come into our mind whenever most of us think of hotel casinos. As a hotel reviewer, most of the readers I have spoken with, always love opting for hotels, whether small or huge, that has the highest level of personalization & customer care – now we may have this idea that Casino Hotels might fall a little short when it comes to this certain characteristic. Maybe its just because they have a different way of serving or maybe because of the type of market they are catering to. What are your thoughts? Would love to read your experience in the comment section down below.

City of Dreams

(c) HeyJaey

In this post we will be checking out not only the facilities but the level of customer service these 5 star Casino Hotels are able to give.

Nobu Hotel Manila – City of Dreams

Contemporary Japanese exteriors, spacious rooms – this sophisticated hotel is nestled in the popular City of Dreams complex in Paranaque City and may be reached in around 15 minutes from airport. Check-in and Check-out process was pretty smooth. Attention to detail was splendid from its tea-making facilities to the availability of the cutlery. The bathroom was also unique as it doesn’t have a tub but the rain shower sure does suffice.

Nobu Hotel City of Dreams

(c) Nobu Hotel Manila

Most affordable room rate found starts at *Php6,000-Php7,500++

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Spa, Fitness Gym

HeyJaey Customer Service Review: Pretty straightforward, offers a helping hand even if you don’t ask for it. I asked if where I can pass thru to go to Hyatt COD and they offered me a free ride using their resort electric car.

HeyJaey Overall Review: Highly recommended for couples and business travelers, the hallways are quiet and exquisite. Security is tight within the complex

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.0 / 5 with Certificate of Excellence | HeyJaey Actual Rating: 4.0 / 5

Maxims Resorts World Manila

Together with 3 other hotels, Maxims is part of the integrated Resorts World Manila. Red and Gold accents and luxurious conveniences are the trademark of this Hotel. At the Ambassador’s suite, it became one of the Grandest and largest Suite I have ever stayed at in my life. Sad to say the hotel fell a bit short on customer service and housekeeping (see details below for more info).  I hope that when they re-launch it would be better. Not as bright, I suppose, due to the recent incident. My heart felt condolences goes to the victims and whole Resorts World Manila Family.

Maxims Resorts World Manila

(c) Resorts World Manila

Most affordable room rate found is N/A

HeyJaey Customer Service Review: For this kind of suite, I would assume a team of 3-4 would collaborate in keeping it clean. It turned out only one staff cleaned the room, poor guy. When you also call the front desk should you need anything, it will arrive in around 30 minutes and the staff comes rushing and would appear exhausted.  I assume they are either understaffed or overworked.

HeyJaey Overall Review: There are a lot of things that needs to be improved – the design is a bit of outdated luxury and there were some flaws in the room. I wouldn’t want to comment on Security but just based on experience there were no guards at the elevator area which was the entrance direct to the hotel. But there are RFID Hotel Door Keys to be fair.

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.0 / 5 | HeyJaey Actual Rating: 3.8 / 5

Midas Hotel & Casino 

This may be the smallest in terms of property size but its vibrancy and glamour can jive along with other Casino Hotels. Its location and compactness are its own advantage situated at Manila’s best sunset area, Roxas Boulevard. The rooms are reasonable and are classified into more than 8 types and divided into deluxe and executive categories

Midas Hotel and Casino

(c) Midas Hotel & Casino

Most affordable room rate found starts at *Php4,500+

HeyJaey Customer Service Review: To be honest I haven’t stayed at the rooms but have dined in and got into some events several times. Valet, Concierge, F&B Staff were excellent so far.

HeyJaey Overall Review: N/A

Trip Advisor Rating: 3.5/5 | HeyJaey Actual Rating: N/A

OKADA Manila

The newest and hottest icon in Manila Entertainment City no one would have missed its picturesque ocean-front and extraordinary hotel wings. Okada brings a new level of luxury and definitely reminds me of Maxims feels. I couldn’t say much about this new Casino and Hotel cause I haven’t been here yet to be honest. But I would update this post as soon as I can.

Okada Manila

(c) Okada Manila

Upcoming Facilities: Spa & Wellness, Salon & Barbershop, Fitness, Pool, Kidzone

HeyJaey Customer Service Review: N/A

HeyJaey Overall Review: N/A

Trip Advisor Rating: 3.5 / 5 2017 | HeyJaey Actual Rating: N/A

Solaire Resorts and Casino

Boasting panoramic views of the Manila Bay, Solaire Resorts and Casino is considered one of the pioneers and expert in the known Entertainment City. Its premier rooms are located on 2 towers the Bay Tower and its Newest Sky Tower. Both has luxurious and spacious rooms but they somewhat differ in the interiors and in my experience the service can be a bit inconsistent. I stayed here twice and it was actually supposed to be 3 but I had a bit of a bad experience one time with reservations way back. The other 2 stays were magnificent – however I still think the consistency of the service can still be improved. On the other hand, I have no words for the elegant interiors and exteriors, so far in all the Casino Hotels that I have been to, Solaire is the most elegant for me.

solaire resort and casino

(c) Solaire Resort & Casino

Most affordable room rate found starts at *Php8,000-Php9,000++

Facilities: Wellness Spa, Azure Pool, Gym, Ballroom, Function Rooms

HeyJaey Customer Service Review: At the Bay Tower, you get a jam-packed reception. It is actually larger than the Sky Tower front desk but it is still packed. At the Sky Tower, the front desk is strangely located near the Water Side Restaurant but you get immediate service. Housekeeping and Operator addresses you politely with your last name which is a huge plus.

HeyJaey Overall Review: Housekeeping is prompt and turn down service was excellent. They provide chocolates with warming welcome quotes. Security is tight at the main entrance. Recommended for families.

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5 / 5 2017 Traveler’s Choice | HeyJaey Actual Rating: 4.0 / 5

There you have it! I know we still have missed Crowne, Hyatt COD, Waterfront Resorts and more. Hopefully we would be able to add them in soon. Until then, have a golden weekend in advance!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer: *Prices and details are subject to change without prior notice. This post is not sponsored and is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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