OZ Olga’s take on Filipino, Asian Food.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

All the way from Adelaide, Australia, Olga English visits M Cafe and Kabila in Greenbelt Makati, PH. We got the chance to sit down and talk about her thoughts on Asian and Filipino. Its her third time to visit the Philippines for work as she is currently with a Global Company who sends her to Manila up to twice a year.

Olga Cover

Olga said she has been to M Cafe / Kabila – her experience was quite brief though but she thought the Dimsum and ambiance were terrific.  I showed her the website, and asked if she wanted to try another Raintree Restaurant as M Cafe / Kabila is part of Raintree Restaurants. She was very happy to pick  M Cafe again and keen enough to try more dishes.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

It was a cool afternoon after shift when we headed to Greenbelt which was less than 15min walk from our office.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Museum Cafe a.k.a M Cafe is located across Ayala Museum and has a huge variety of Asian Dishes. Also seated in the same restaurant is Kabila which brings Filipino dishes from different parts of the country to the same Menu.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

It took us a while to finalize our orders since everything looked so sumptuous. And while we wait we got the chance to talk more about her background.

What are you’re initial thoughts on Asian Food even before you came to the Philippines?

“I do eat a lot of Asian food back in Australia. Mainly Chinese or Thai – there’s not really a lot of Filipino places to eat. When I came here, I’ve been to a couple of places but I think I tend to find more people take me to TGIFs and the like. But I certainly do like to eat Asian Food.”


A Medley of M Cafe’s and Kabila’s Bestsellers

What was the first Filipino Food that you’ve tried?

“Bulabo – (she means Bulalo) It was my first encounter. Some friends took me to Tagaytay for the weekend and we had it there perfect for the chilly weather.”

Out of all the Filipino Dishes you have tried, what was the most interesting for you?

“I have to go back to that again (Bulalo). Only because it did remind me a lot of my mom. My mom used to make a similar soup. It was more of a soup with meat, potatoes and vegetables. It brought me back to my childhood.”

How would you compare Filipino food to any other Asian food?

“I think, with Filipino Food it is very much authentic. You can really see the culture. You know, you can get other Asian food and its pretty much the same almost everywhere you go. But I think it depends on where you are taken and how you are introduced it. But with Filipino food you won’t probably get the same meal twice if that makes sense.”

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Kabila’s Pork Bagnet

What do you think about M Cafe / Kabila?

“I really liked it. It portrayed a quite modern feel. The fact that there was A/C it was very nice. It’s big & welcoming. You can either eat outside or inside which was good. It always looked clean and inviting.”

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

The dishes were served to us one by one. And Olga, Ray and I continued chatting while trying out the food that we ordered. The serving size were good for 2-3 persons. It all looked appealing.

Of course I had to include the Crispy Enoki Mushroom Hay in our order. And as assumed – Olga would love it.


Crispy Enoki Mushroom Hay Php250

“The Crispy Enoki Mushroom Hay was actually a surprise. I didn’t sort of expect it to be mushrooms. That goes to show you that I don’t go out a lot and eat nice stuff like that.” Olga said.

The sliders were the most unforgettable for Olga.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

BBQ Pork Bao Sliders Php220

The meat was beautiful. They tasted sweet and I like the touch of seeds on the bun which was something different. The bread roll itself was quite unique because majority of the sliders that you get anywhere else were very American style, where this was more  of Asian influenced.

“I really loved it. I could have eaten it all night.”

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Hainan Chicken Set Php395

We also ordered Hainanese Chicken and we taught Olga how to eat it along with the three types of sauces. I personally liked the soup that came with the Hainanese Chicken Set.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Hainan Broth (comes along with the Set)

The special rice was good and Salted Egg Prawns were nice – it was crisp like tempura which gives it a distinctive kick.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Aligue Rice ~ A HeyJaey Recommendation~ Php295

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Salted Egg Crispy Praw ~ A HeyJaey Recommendation ~ Php595

The Pork Bagnet was another favorite: “It was moist but not at all greasy. The crackling was the big thing which sometimes you can order dishes like that and it comes soggy so the crackling was a bonus.” as per Olga.

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Kabila’s Pork Bagnet Php420

The Menu also showcased a great selection of drinks and desserts. Olga’s eyes popped when she tried my Sago’t Gulaman she was shocked as she thought it was a coffee drink. “Tash (Olga’s daughter) would love this – Its got sort of a bubble gum taste. My drink (4 seasons) was very refreshing too”. 

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

From left to right: Sago’t Gulaman, Mais Con Yelo, Fresh Four Seasons Drink Php165 each

I asked Olga if she got the chance to have a look at the prices. And she said “For the style of restaurant, the service is really good and they are very attentive. The prices compared to where I came from, its very very good. For the food that we got and service provided – it certainly was great value for money.”

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

The tempting cake bar where pastries were made fresh regularly

“It would have been nice to try dessert but I couldn’t fit it in anymore. Maybe next time. But I did enjoyed the Cappuccino Coffee after our dinner.” The coffee was served with Chocnut – a popular Filipino Candy.

What were Olga’s final thoughts?

“Menu was well presented, the fact that you can order Filipino or Asian choices. Lots of options you can even order pizza. Im glad we went for the sliders. The serving time was really quick. The time that we went was good cause it wasn’t overly busy. It certainly is a nice place on a nice night out. Especially at night its quite intimate. You can eat their with your partner and watch people walking past. The staff were helpful.”

“I would certainly go back.”

M Cafe Museum Cafe Kabila Review

Dinner after shifts, Family weekend get together. M Cafe & Kabila is the place to be.

Museum Café / Kabila

757.3000 | 757.6000

Ayala Museum Complex, Greenbelt 4, Makati City


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Disclaimer: Information & Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  Our dinner was sponsored but all of the opinions & reviews here are based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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