El Masfino Hotel & Resort Bulacan

El Masfino Resort Review

Turn on your car speaker and play Midnight City by M83 as we are going for a quick drive – somewhere North, specifically San Rafael, Bulacan.  I hope you’re ready to get romantic with him or her otherwise if you are going alone, HeyJaey is here to guide you all throughout – I got you bes!


Our first stretch 

No stopovers in QC nor in NLEX, let’s go ahead and type in St. Augustin Square in Google Maps, also known as A Square Our laid back holiday unfolds here. The refreshing sound of waters and well landscaped pocket gardens in the middle of A Square will have our back for the rest of our stroll.

A Square Bulacan Review

A Square Bulacan Review

Think this trip is too ad-hoc that you need a bit of polish confidence? Nail Impressions certainly offers quality gel polishes and nice back massages. In front is a Php199 Filipino buffet which we can indulge in after.

A Square Bulacan Review

A Square Bulacan Review

Romantic Antique

Nothing beats a display tour at Navarro’s Furniture. The Antiques date back as far to 1932. I don’t know about you but am feeling 22 ♫  lol seriously, I don’t know about you but I find being stuck around interesting furniture and antiques romantic rather than eerie.

A Square Bulacan Review

Convenience at your reach

Apologies for being too hasty but have you left any urgent chore back home or you’re just loving the flow of this that you already wanted to extend? Worry not cause A Square is so compact its got the basic of all basics.

A Square Bulacan Review

A Square Bulacan Review

The real staycation begins here

I hear you. Shall we now proceed in showing you San Rafael’s hidden gem that has been waiting for you for years? Just around 20 minutes from A Square we have finally arrived…

Welcome to El Masfino Hotel and Resort

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Review

Where the nature lovers meet exclusivity and the heedful rejoices. This multi-hectare resort keeps an impressive Golf Course, Country Club, Pool, Cabanas and Team Building Facilities.

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Bulacan Review

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Review

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Bulacan Review

Serenity awaits

The hotel offers spacious deluxe and suite rooms that are suitable for up to 6 persons. The rooms either have lanai or balcony. The resort maintains its own ecosystem so this is legit nature we are talking about. After checking-in why don’t we rest for a while. For sure we would enjoy skimming through hundred of various channels from the widescreen TV.



As the sun sets, the smile of the staff lingers

Starving? We can head down to the country club where a full blast menu is available.


The food reminds me so much of my Dad who loves to play golf where he leaves me at the club house and lets me order, well guess what – club house sandwich. The place was so nostalgic and relaxing.



When 2 days are not enough

How lucky could we get, this hotel and some parts of the resort were just recently opened to public, we still get a taste of exclusivity though but imagine how exclusive the whole country club was in the previous years! From Golf Cart tours to Dune Buggy and Bike activities – it may seem that 2 days aren’t even enough!

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Review

Wave Pool and Lap Pools look so inviting from afar. Even running may look so easy to do here as the fresh air touches your skin.

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Review

Cap off the trip with that one thing you’re not able to do back home

Is it me-time or bonding over a duo party without the kids? Its time to make the most out of  this trip.

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Bulacan Review



I will now leave it up to you

Now that you found out that everything you need is within this hidden gem. Would you want to extend or would you want to come back? This time – with your family and friends! The rolling hills and luscious greens wont go anywhere.


El Masfino Hotel and Resort Review

Looking  forward to de-stress this weekend? Check out El Masfino’s Rates below:

  • Deluxe Room (Overnight) for 2 adults & 2 Kids with breakfast and swimming pool use -Php5,124
  • Deluxe Room (Day-Use Only 6am-6pm)  – Php3,360
  • Suite Room – with breakfast and swimming pool use for 2 pax (suite allows stay for up to 4 Adults and 2 kids) -Php8,540

Know more about El Masfino here.

For inquiries & reservation:

El Masfino Country Club Inc.

Tel 044 892 06 55 | Mobile 0917 542 1866

Coral na Bato, San Rafael,

Bulacan Philippines


Cheers to you!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer: Prices and information are subject to change without prior notice. Our stay was sponsored but this review is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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