Terraz: What type of employee are you?

Forget about the ranks, and responsibilities for a moment. Do you know which type of employee are you? not only in the office but also during lunch and dinner meetings. How do you eat corporate style and does your food preferences change during working luncheons and dinners? Don’t forget to share and tag your colleagues as you might get the chance to win a PAYDAY BUFFET for two (2) at Terraz– Raintree’s casual dining space located within Makati’s renowned glass hi-rise Zuellig Building! Full mechanics at the bottom of the article.

  • The Sweet Heart


Liked by everyone, this charmer will sure brighten your day as soon as you see them walking around with that wide smile. Most of the time you wont miss them when they pass by because of their positive vibes and sweet taste in fashion. Can you guess their favorite food?

The Sweet Heart loves: Luscious and creamy desserts!

Terraz Recommendations: Cookie Dough Cheesecake, Jackfruit Sansrival and Impossible Cake

Terraz Dessert

Terraz Cookie Dough Cheesecake

The Cookie Dough Cheesecake is very rich in taste and has a good sweetness balance which usually goes with my coffee”. – Iriz, a certified office sweetheart from Laguna

  • The Diva Mom


This diva is up to date with the latest trends and keeps a good balance between work and mom life. She’s the favorite adviser of new mom-to-be’s in the office. Her #1 priority is her family but she also knows how to have fun at work specially when enjoying good food. She likes to savor group lunches and can be slightly picky on food choices as she’s a bit conscious about watching after sugar content.

The Diva Mom Loves: Seafood and Meat Choices

Terraz Recommendations: Pan Seared Salmon with Mishima Mix

divamom food

“My personal favorite is the Pan Seared Salmon because I was craving for something fresh and healthy. The salmon is crispy on the outside while soft and juicy inside.” Learnie, certified diva mom of 2

Terraz Salmon

  • The Totally Committed


Deliverables, hard deadlines, this person won’t disappoint anyone and will certainly surpass any expectation, whether its work or love. Make sure you block your meeting in advance with them though – the calendar is regularly full and most of the time even during post-shift parties this person is still on their cell doing business and checking emails. At the end of the day this gal or guy is a total keeper – as they would stop, drop anything at any moment when it comes to love.

The Totally Committed Terraz Dish: Easy to like unique but good food

Terraz Recommendation: Spicy Tuna

Terraz Spicy Tuna Maki

“Japanese food had always occupied a special place in my heart (sushi in particular because it brings me good memories). I love how they jazzed up the dish, giving it a unique presentation, twist and flavor. This dish is a great choice for someone always on the go like me. It’s also the perfect starter for a date night or casual dinner with friends.” Shy, Office Manager

  • The Expert


Life and work advises, this Expert is always ready to hear you out. With skills and years of experiences combined, this person is the total expert package. When it comes to food he or she is a good critic yet very much open to new suggestions. Once this person recommends something you could never go wrong with his or her choice!

The Expert recommends: Asian Cuisine, Pizza & Pasta

Terraz Recommendation: Quattro Formagi Pizza

Terraz Zuellig Building Review

A fan of Terraz, our expert ordered something new to her taste buds:  “I chose to order Beef Rendang because I love cooking Asian cuisine and I don’t know how to prepare this; its one of those hard to prepare dishes; I was craving for the taste at that time. A little more curry and less sauce would make the dish perfect!” Isce, HR Generalist from Taguig

  • The Party Animal


No work setting can be complete without the heart throb who’s always game. He is “that millennial” and usually the youngest in the group. He delivers not only during the day but even at night, after shift! He likes to eat his heart out!

The ultimate Party Animal dish: Recovery Hang Over & Comfort Food

Terraz Recommendation: The Executive (Housemade 100% Chargrilled US Beef Burger)

Terraz Burger

“The fact that you can choose the doneness of your burger plus the melted cheese makes it the perfect pre and post party go-to food! The serving size is good for more than one person which makes it fun to be shared” – Louie, Accountant by day and Merry Maker by night

Terraz Executive Burger

So – have you decided what type of employee are you? Terraz certainly helped us in identifying our modern work personalities and is excited to give out a Payday Buffet for you and your favorite office buddy! Here’s how to win:

GIVEAWAY: Win a Payday Buffet for (2) at Terraz!

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  • Did anyone of the above matches your office buddy? Tag him or her in this album.
  • Deadline of tagging is on 18 August
  • Announcement of Winner is on 21 August

About Terraz

Terraz is the perfect place within Makati for meetings and Lunch Treats with the team. The place is very modern and is located conveniently at Zuellig Building. Terraz is part of the Raintree Restaurants who loves to innovate and serve delectable memories. Terraz holds mini function room and a bistro restaurant and alfresco style dining. It is open from 9am to 9pm and serves top quality dishes and cocktails. They also have catering services that is suitable for offices who wants to host their gatherings within their premises.

Terraz Zuellig Building Review Raintree Restaurants

Fine Dining Zuellig Building

Terraz Zuellig Building Review Raintree Restaurants

Website: http://www.raintreehospitality.net/terraz | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raintreeterraz/


Terraz Bistro & Meetings

Zuellig Building, Makati City. 625.4831 | 625.4832


Happy Weekend everyone!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer & Transparency Clause: Prices and information are subject to change without prior notice. Our food was sponsored but this review is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” and guests hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.


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