Savor Saboten Savor Japan

They are extra crispy, extra savory and extra juicy – They are called Japanese cutlets. And no doubt, they can can make it to anyone’s top comfort and Japanese staple food list. Nothing beats authentic Tonkatsu that can take you to Japan in an instant.


It was Ray’s (my boyfriend) birthday and no one loves Japanese food more than him so we decided to do something unique this year by treating him to a legit Japanese Experience.


He was so giddy when he found out we are going to have his birthday dinner at Saboten.


Saboten in Serendra, BGC (near Powerbooks and Contis Bakeshop)

Saboten opened it’s first shop in 1966 (wow!) at Shinjuku, Japan. Saboten is one of the largest Japanese cutlet chains in the world and is proud to serve The Original Tastes of Tonkatsu. In the Philippines, Raintree Restaurants brought Saboten along with its two well-known branches in Serendra, BGC and in Glorietta, Makati.


The restaurant have a very bright ambiance, awesome for Tonkatsu Parties


The place also offers cozy spaces and chairs with ample privacy


Just like traditional Japanese restaurants. Saboten presents various tempting sets that is served with refillable rice and sides. They also serve ala carte orders and Shabu-Shabu.

We started of by having our all-time favorite Agedashi Tofu. It’s well seasoned and when I tried to pick it up through my chopsticks, it didn’t break apart which for me, was a good sign. The texture is very smooth inside and crispy outside making it the ideal Agedashi Tofu. You can also taste a hint of sourness which compliments the sweetness well.


While I was having my hot tea, Ray decided to order some drinks. (Raintree Restaurants has the most luscious and attractive drink selection by the way) He went for the Melon Yakult Shake.


We were blown away by this drink. Most of the yakult drinks that we have tried before from different tea shops, were overwhelmingly strong. I mentioned in my instagram story that this drink tastes so sexy because of its excellent blend of tanginess and sweetness.

For the main course, since I’m a big fan of Furai/s (Tonkatsu’s little cousin) I tried their Shrimp and Croquette Set which already includes refillable rice and miso soup.


The Miso Soup wasn’t too salty and greasy and comforted us during the rainy weather.

As for the stars of the show, the cutlets were very much was crunchy outside and tasty on the inside. One of our top favorites was the Crab Croquette because of its interesting texture. It was absolute crunchy goodness but very creamy and well-mashed inside! I am literally craving right now!


And for the birthday boy – Ray, he opted for the Specialty Course “Hana” which means “Flower”.


The set consists of the original Tenderloin Cutlet and Loin Cutlet. It was crispy yet moist and the meat was truly tender. This is so perfect with the signature Saboten Tonkatsu sauce specially when sprinkled with grinded, toasted sesame seeds. The sauce can be adjusted according to your personal preferences. I have to admit that the cutlets were really luxurious and light despite of the fact that they’re all deep fried. It took us back to Osaka in 2014 right away!


You can choose 2 salads that you want for the Specialty Course “Hana” (image above) and the sides such as pickles, miso soup and rice are all unlimited. They are recommended for resetting your palate. The meal was so rich and authentic that it doesn’t stop here:


The specialty course set also comes with a thick home-made ice cream. You can choose from (1) Vanilla or (2) Green Tea. I told Ray that he can have it all since its his Birthday, but being the dessert girl that I am I couldn’t resist – my eyes popped wide open as I wasn’t expecting it to be that thick and creamy! The green tea certainly didn’t overpower the ice cream experience. Plus the powdered milk on top was total H E A V E N!


Saboten projects a modern energy yet authentic experience. The al fresco dining option in Serendra was a bonus. To add, their serving time was quick. Based on my observation, they have regular, loyal customers who loves to go back because of their famous cutlets and the staff appears approachable open for small talks.


Saboten, makes every Tonkatsu experience unforgettable. They also cater to large groups and is even equipped with a take out counter if you’re on the run or just wanted to enjoy your food at home.

I have to say that it was one of Ray’s most fulfilling birthday dinner ever! 


Visit their website here | Call Serendra Branch 625 2000 | Call Glorietta Branch 625 0909


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Domo arigatou gozaimasu!


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Disclaimer: Details are subject to change without prior notice. Our dinner was sponsored but this review is definitely based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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  1. Joined Ms. Jaey! 😘 magse-celebrate ako ng 24th birthday sa October 10, like you gusto kk din mapasaya ang jowa ko 😊 mahilig din sya sa foods kaya alam kong matutuwa yun. 😘


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