Top Travel Beauty Preps

In my years and years of traveling from local road trips to international trips, one of my must do’s before and after traveling are beauty preps making each holiday a breeze and comfortable as possible. I have gathered my most helpful and favorite beauty preps and find out why and how it helps me every time!

Beauty & Wellness Manila

  • Strengthening the Immune System

Nothing is as bad as traveling while being sick! So at least 2 weeks before a long haul flight start doing cardio exercises and taking in Vitamin C with Zinc. This is also helpful if your destination has the total opposite weather as your home country. Seasonal Teas are also great for winter time, they are caffeine free and comes in various options: Cold Care, Throat Coat, Echinacea Plus for Immune System.


This Seasonal Sampler is available at Healthy Options during the BER months.

  • Develop a Routine for a Glowing Skin

To get that radiant skin, develop the best beauty regimen for your skin at least a month before your trip. You can do this by choosing the soap, lotion, toner and serum that is favorable to your skin type and will help you achieve the type of skin you want (brightening or glowing dark skin). Oral Supplements also help a lot in making a different for that youthful skin glow.


Try the lotion, soap, serum Relumins set from Flawless Beauty Skin

I have tried this whole set and I have noticed less dark spots and a more even skin tone.


If you are looking to whiten your skin with fast results then try Ishigaki Classic or Premium Capsules from Ageless Beauty Potions.


If you want a golden tan, try mixing sandalwood mask with olive oil

  • Achieve an effortless no makeup, make up look

I have to admit, because I like to pack my itineraries with lots of activities and shortest breaks as possible, I don’t have enough time to create a glam look for OOTDs/selfies. Now I have discovered Laser Whitening Genesis from Skin Philosophie. It transforms my face into that fresh with foundation yet dewy look! The process only takes 30-45 mins and there is no down time!

Skin Philosophie Review

Excuse my chubby face 😂 You can watch my experience here.

  • Hair Free means Stress Free

I think my best advice for anyone who wants to be more confident especially on  their beach trips is to “Wax it all off”. It feels so comfy, light and you have nothing to worry about specially if you are going to wear a bikini or shorts. I just can’t go to an adventure without having my quick but fun Brazilian and Leg Waxing at Strip Ministry of Waxing.

heyjaey strip manila fun kits

Scared to do your first wax? Click here to check why there’s is nothing to worry bout!

  • Pack beauty knick knacks smartly

Love surprises? Try the GILTBOX Beauty Subscription – its a pink box filled with both full sized products & irresistable samples which are first-rated indie and top brands. The items are uber cute and are perfect for light traveling and sampling.

Giltbox Review

(c) GiltBox

Watch out for a GILTBOX Unboxing here. (link will be updated) Meanwhile, you can Subscribe to Giltbox today.

Can’t get enough of these travel beauty preps? Head to

Beauty & Wellness Manila this weekend!

(September 21 – 23, 2017)

Enjoy a showcase of rejuvinating products from skin care, to beauty and wellness. Receive exciting freebies and discover international, local manufacturers and distributors at the expo’s launching pad! Its going to be beautifully massive!

Beauty & Wellness Manila

Hope to catch you there!

There you go gals and guys. I hope you enjoyed these quick tips and remember, preparation is one of the keys in having the best trips!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer: Details are subject to change without prior notice. Some brands are partners with HeyJaey but this review is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.


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