First Impressions: Cafe Barbera, BGC

Cafe Barbara Kitchen

One of the top Coffee Shops in Italy has now arrived in Metro Manila, specifically in Uptown Parade, BGC. Opened September 2017 and presented to the media immediately, Cafe Barbera is bringing 147 years of coffee tradition to the Filipinos including its popular slow roasting techniques and delicious flavors.

Cafe Barbara Exterior

The Cafe has a unique style of combining its casual dining and coffee culture. Introduced and officially opened by the 6th Generation representative Mr Enrico Barbera, Jr, the franchise has been well-preserved most specially the taste and its “Good Life” experience.

Cafe barbara Ribbon Cutting

VIPs during the media launch, Filipino Franchise Owners, Ambassadors and all the way from Italy and Dubai Franchisees supporting the Manila Opening

Cafe Barbara Opening in Manila

The coffee shop can sit up to 50 persons and is very cozy and welcoming. The interiors feature gold and brass highlights that compliments the brown and neutral tones of the fixtures.

Cafe barbara

Couches for duos and groups are available for quick meetings and catch ups. The view outside the Cafe is the freshly opened Uptown Mall which makes it very accessible as well. The location is also suitable should you want a bit of privacy and serene ambiance away from the typical crowd.

Cafe Barbara Logo

My favorite spot in the Cafe are their luxurious looking-roasters, it gives the cafe a vintage feel.

Cafe Barbara Kitchen

The Cafe offers a wide selection of Coffee, Espresso, Hot Chocolates, Tea and Shakes. Their price is very much competitive ((starts at Php100) when compared to the commercial coffee shops in the Philippines.

Cafe Barbara Iced Coffee

The taste is very much distinctive and caffeine kick is definitely there – unfortunately because of my health condition, I am unable to taste as much coffee as I would love too. But the quality of their drinks can justify their top spot in Italy’s popular list of coffee shops.

Cafe Barbara Roasted Coffee

Mr. Enrico Barbera Jr has explained their Slow Roasting Technique that gives that unique flavor in their coffee – they roast it up to 40minutes and decrease the temperature eventually.

Cafe Barbara Food

The food menu is not playing around too – the white sauced funghi pasta I have tasted was rich in parmesan cheese and is very creamy. I will be going back for this!

Cafe Barbara Logo

The Cafe will absolutely catch the interest of Coffee Critics and Coffee Lovers all over the Philippines. Cafe Barbera is confident in their tradition and has great potential in changing the status quo of Coffee Shops in the country.

Cafe barbara

Try out Cafe Barbera today. If you like a more in-depth review, let me know in the comment section down below 🙂

Cafe Barbera

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, BGC, Taguig City, PH

For inquiries call: 02 2469069 local 528 | Visit their Facebook here

Know more about the Cafe Barbera History on their website

Would you agree that Life begins after Coffee?

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