Disneyland Hotel Hong Kong Review

Disneyland Hong Kong

Happy New Year! Isn’t it that when we celebrate something special, one of the top places that comes into our mind is Disneyland? The place is filled with nothing but good vibes and gives the most unbelievable decor making you believe that the “magic” does exist. Doesn’t sound as unique anymore but anyone can indeed put up a good smile when going to the “happiest place” on earth.

Disneyland Hong Kong Show

One of the common questions we encounter specially when traveling with family is if we should book at a hotel at the Disney Resorts. And to me if you’ll ask me before this trip happend, all my perception was:

  • Hell no,  its too expensive
  • I am planning to explore other places so it may not be worth it
  • I may sound bitter cause I just cant afford it haha

Long story short, I wasn’t that convinced in booking at a Disney Hotel until I saw how high can Hong Kong Hotel Rates can go. Its not funny. Specially that we were traveling as a family with my little brother so when we saw a really good deal in Agoda (Tip #1 Check Agoda, Booking.com and direct to compare rates, we were able to book a 3D2N stay for around USD400 nett) . We took the opportunity to book a 3D2N stay. Of course the inner child in me got so giddy OMG we are going to staying at Disney Hollywood Hotel, with all those over the top Disney decorations lol and most of all I was so excited of the fact that it was convenient. I will include hacks and tips if you are keen in booking your stay as we go along the review.

Disney Train Hong Kong

As the organizer of the family tour, I felt very much as ease traveling from Tsim Sha Shui to Disneyland. The convenience started with a smooth train journey regardless of your point of departure and good amount of luggage. The Resort is located a bit near the airport and has its own Train Line in baby pink called “Sunny Bay”. From Sunny Bay you will get off immediately at the Disney Resort Station.


Tip # 2 Try to arrive early at the resort before entering the attraction park so you can leave your luggage at the hotel. ‘Round the clock shuttle service is available for free for hotel guests and is located near the train station 🙂

Leave your luggage before entering the park as luggage parking starts at a whopping HKD100 depending on the size. It would also be great to have ample time to scan the hotel and check-in early so when you come back from an exhausting day, the room would be already prepared for you. Convenience, as promised. 🙂


Now that you had a good look of your hotel. Aren’t you excited? Woohoo. Tip #3 Do not forget to request for your priority passes and hotel guide. They usually give 2 per room for up to 4pax per pass. The hotel guide provides the list of programs and activities for the next few days, take advantage of it, most of it are free!

Check in at Disneyland Hong Kong

Tip # 4 Hotel Guests have priority lanes at the Park Entrance. Just show your key and enjoy the day away 🙂

Disneyland Hong Kong

Now it’s time to go back to the hotel to your room for a good night rest –

Welcome to Disney Hollywood Hotel!


Tip # 5 Based on experience, Disney Hollywood Hotel is not that strict when it comes to the number of guests per room. Their standard max staying adults are 4 persons but we were 4 adults and 1 child. The room was large enough for all of us. I also I find it crazily unpractical booking 2 rooms for just the 4 adults and 1 child. Unless we’re rich of course.


And as imagined, everything was Disney! The hotel has a vintage Hollywood vibe with classic wood accents and rays of powder blue.



Hooray for Mickey Toiletries!



Our view outside was the hotel lobby had a luscious mountain side. The hotel’s attention to details were impressive. Here are more photos:

It was a very quiet hotel despite of the families staying with lots of kids. Not sure if it just wasn’t peak season though or everyone was outside enjoying the attractions.


Lounge & Movie area for the kids and kids at heart. Disney original shows of course.


Meanwhile, we haven’t got the chance to dine at their numerous restaurants just because, its pricey. Breakfast wasn’t included in the room rate but is totally fine. Tip # 6 more affordable meals are available at the Food Trucks area near the Park Entrance!


You won’t run out of things to do at the hotel!


Art Spotting


Arcade Play Room


Stroll at their massive hotel landscapes


A dip in the pool perhaps?20171114_06590520171114_070309

Or just simply enjoying festive feels


More photo opportunities for everyone!


Or if you are missing the Park’s magic why not purchase a 2Day pass.


Overall the value for money was really really good. All the complimentary services and VIP treatment was superb and worth the price. The staff are very professional and highly attentive.

Don’t go yet! I have some final tips for you.

  • If you want to extend, just ask for a special extension rate and they are glad to give discounts. Again not sure if this is just an off season offer, we went during the ASEAN Holiday around November 15.
  • Lantau Island is near the Sunny Bay station only a few hops away. Enjoy Ngong Ping Cable Car and stunning views of Big Bhudda on top of mountain ranges.
  • Book with KLOOK. Guaranteed discounted tickets from Disney Park Tickets, Park Meals and even other Hong Kong Activities!

Want to know more about Hong Kong? Leave a comment below.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from my family to yours,


Jaey x

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Disclaimer and Transparency Clause: Details are subject to change without prior notice. This review is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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