What’s new in BGC? Friends and Family – your new neighborhood eatery

Raintree Hospitality has recently opened up a new concept that will take you back to yesterday’s diner feels with a modern twist! The restaurant which focuses on Filipino food such as BBQ and pugon cooking is located in Bonifacio High Street in BGC Taguig.


What makes this new spot distinctive is their creative classic Filipino dishes and homey ambiance giving way to comfortable couches with shades of green and beige.



As always, I couldn’t get enough of the Raintree drink selection. Friends and Family offers gleaming drinks, most of them inspired by Filipino desserts.

Irresistible refreshers: Buko Pandan & Saba Langka – milk and toppings were added in generously over the fine crushed ice (Starts at Php175)

The food menu was filled with mouthwatering dishes from sizzling, pica pica, fresh salads, vegetables, grilled & roasted recipes, in demand wood-fired pugon, house specials and crispy comfort food with options good for sharing with small (friends) and large (family) groups.

Crispy Catfish & Buro Platter

Definitely one of my favorites, crispy bite size goodness and blends well with their housemade buro (fermented fish).

Salted Egg, Tomato and Onions

20180322_16275220180322_162757Cheesy Garlic Buttered Scallops

The name says it all. The scallops blasts different flavors in your mouth including a citrus hint of calamansi.  I highly recommend this!

Tempting Isawan Platter

Bacon Wrapped Embutido Slice 

This meal was so sinful but so worth it specially that it comes with a creamy gravy!

Salmon head and belly Sinigang sa Miso

Served in a very creative way 🙂 Loaded with fresh salmon and vegetables.


Sizzling Bulalo Steak & US Beef 

Perfect for any get together. The meat was so tender and the sauce has a sweet melody of pepper and cream. Lavishly served with potatoes, corns, carrots and more!

Sweet endings: Cheesy Yema Cake & Crispy Turon Banoffee Pie

Both are a must try!


Aside from the signature warm Raintree service, Friends & Family also have an al-fresco dining available and they also serve Merienda and Breakfast all day. What more can you ask for!?


Grab your Friends & Family and take them to Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC, Taguig Call 621.3222 for queries & reservations.

Know more about them on Facebook or on Instagram

Stay safe and dry this weekend!

Jaey x

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Disclaimer and Transparency Clause: Information such as prices, menu, contact numbers are subject to change without prior notice. Our meals were sponsored but this review is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on / tasting experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.


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