Mabuhay Maritime Express – Premium Ferry to Boracay

It has been almost 2 years when I brought my Canadian and Japanese friend to Boracay and being wowed by the sparkling waters and famous island, they still wished there was a more convenient way of approaching the Island. There are necessary transfers from the main airports and it takes an average of 3 hours to get to Boracay, just for transfers. (The fastest I have experienced was with COAST Boracay in less than 60 minutes!)  

I was so thrilled when Philippine Airlines (the country’s flag carrier) finally launched a revolutionary ferry service that will link passengers to Boracay to/from Manila.

Newly acquired high-speed catamarans with tri-class configurations can be enjoyed by passengers soon featuring top quality decks, services & amenities. The 410-seater ferries are named MV Malambing & MV Magalang respectively.

Guests can choose from Economy, Premium Class & First Class when traveling and introductory rates will start at Php1,500 round trip. See below for more details:

Economy / Regular *Php1,500 per person RT

  • Comfy Seats
  • Life Jackets

Premium *Php2,000 per person RT

  • Upper Deck
  • Capacity of 70pax
  • Leatherette Seat Material
  • Seat Trays, Seat Pockets, Reclining seats
  • Two (2) exclusive restrooms
  • Life Jackets

First Class *Php2,500 per person RT

  • Upper deck
  • Seats 54 pax
  • Genuine Leather seat material
  • seat trays, seat pockets, reclining seats, USB Charging ports, one (1) exclusive restroom
  • life jackets

Other Amenities & Safety

Aside from free snacks, pampering service by attendants and spacious legroom, the hour and a half ferry service will be the fastest route to Boracay! Food Kiosk, gallery, outdoor bar, cabin luggage racks, cargo hold and on board entertainment may also be expected as additional features of the top of the line catarman.

Life saving equipment are also high standard – individual life jackets, smoke detectors, sprinklers, life rafts, fire alarms & extinguishers are just some of the safety features the craft possesses.

The signature heartfelt service of PAL will be mirrored by MME too and everyone can’t just wait any longer to try this newest upscale ferry service! Booking will be available initially at PAL offices. Click here for updates.

A new MME Jetty Port will also be opening that has its own private port, commercial complex, 400pax seating capacity and is accessible to the main highway. This is very exciting for Philippines Tourism!


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