Triloueva Shoes

They say good shoes take you to good places but how comfy those pair of shoes need to be to take you to such a good place? Over the years I’ve always picked comfort over style & trends. I have invested on shoes that are pleasant to be with wherever I am, whatever the occasion is. I don’t have a car, I commute all the time and the weather in the Philippines can be unpredictable as it can get so I always needed a pair of great shoes who’s more ready than I am regardless of what’s happening if you know what I mean.

But this doesn’t mean that we have to spend a lot on a great walking companion. I don’t own any designer flats nor heels. I just know what brands I like and the style that fits my feet best. Some of the brands that I’m a fan of are Native, Alberto & Zaxy. Lately, I have discovered Triloueva, it is a local brand developed by by entrepreneur Trina Evangelista.

Triloueva started in 2016 and relaunched this 2019. Their customers apparently loved the great quality that comes with an affordable price point. The styles are freshly handpicked from local artisans.

“Megan” in bone color top view Php680

Triloueva’s collection ranges from neutral to bold colors fitting any fashion lover from office to casual wear. The first thing I noticed were the soft yet clean finish of the materials.

“Riley” in Red close up

There are also various styles to choose from. Triloueva’s footwear focuses on open sandals, cute closed-flats and mid-low heels. Most styles can suit any OOTD plus the website is so user-friendly to browse with!

The ultimate perspective of Trina is putting the essentials of any gals out there looking for the perfect go-to shoes. Trina envisions to exceed the quality expectations from an online indie shoe brand.

“Megan” open sandals has been my favorite lately. Its so sophisticated and safe to be paired with any trousers, skirt or shorts!

Wearling “Riley” in red Php730

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a classy, bold flats perfect for office wear or date nights, I would suggest “Riley”. It has a suede material and sling back style that creates a sexy look even if doesnt come with a heel! But if you want something extra you can always go for heels which Triloueva also offers.

If you’re wondering about the name, I’ve asked Trina out of curiosity what is the meaning behind its brand name and she answered “Thinking of what will I name my business was the most difficult part for me. I want it to be classy, unique, and modern without replicating the concept of other existing brands. Thus, Triloueva was derived from the first three letters of my name, TRIna LOUisse EVAngelista”. Visit Triloueva’s Page or website.

Trina Evangelista – Founder, CEO Triloueva

Congratulations on your huge success Trina! We need more creative young Filipinas like you. Do you know anyone else who deserves to be in the spotlight? Please let me know so I can share them! Thanks for reading this post and catch you soon!


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