Pandemic Roadtrip Series: Laguna – Batangas – Tagaytay

I can’t believe I’m saying this again but after a very long time – Hi I’m Jaey and welcome to my travel blog! My last travel out of Manila was just very recent. It was just a mini out of town trip. Lately, its what most of us have when it comes to traveling. My last international trip was way back October 2019 in Japan. I miss traveling so much 😦 but on the brighter side – good news are consistently coming not only for travel but overall in general. We all wish for this madness to end. So while we are still dealing with this, we need to stay sane and indulge on whatever we can enjoy, be it small trips or big trips but always the safest way possible! #responsibletraveling is an initiative of, my goal for this campaign is to help spread awareness that safety and health would always be our top priority for now. I will talk about this on a different post.

In the meantime, we will talk about realistic mini-trips where you could get to enjoy safe yet enjoyable and convenient out of town vacations. We spiced it up a bit by adding something new to the list, since these itineraries may be very familiar already to you. For our first guide, this is perfect for people coming from the North or near Antipolo.

Highlight 1 – Kick off the trip at 6am and enjoy the fresh morning breeze in Antipolo

The trip will start in Pasig or Antipolo. Drop by Windmill Farm in Pililla or just enjoy coffee at any random stopover along the way. Please always check first the schedules. As of this writing, the Windmill Farm is still closed due to the Pandemic but you can still get to see the Windmills up close.

Highlight 2 – Take the less traveled route

This trip will also save you toll fees as you will take the National Highway and pass by beautiful landscapes. The road is so serene here!

Highlight 3 – Visit Beautiful Churches

These treasures are waiting to be visited again. Let the intricate details of wood carvings in Paete, historical stone walls of Magdalena and whispers of Miracles in Padre Pio make you feel like yourself again.

Saint Peter of Alcantara Parish Church, Pakil Laguna
Saint James the Apostle Parish Church, Paete, Laguna
San Sebastian Parish Church, Lumban, Laguna
St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Bonifacio, Magdalena, Laguna

Highlight 4 – Ligaya of Zigzags

If you or your driver enjoys uphills and downhills with breathtaking zigzags, Ligaya Drive is a popular difficult road that serves as an alternate route if you are coming from Batangas going to Tagaytay.

Highlight 5 – Rediscovering Tagaytay

I always thought I will run out of things to do in Tagaytay but this city never fails to please us. Try this cheesecake that we have been raving over and over at Cafe Voi La or have a relaxing staycation at an AirBnB apartment.

We also recommend Firelake Grill if you want to have a romantic dinner date.

Cafe Voi La colored me impressed during my first visit!
View from our AirBnB Balcony at SM Wind
I could stare at this forever
Fine dining at Firelake Grill

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this simple guide. Watch out for more mini-trip series here 🙂 By the way, I did a vlog for this! See below:

Stay safe and travel responsibly,
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Disclaimer and Transparency Clause: Information such as directions, schedules, etc are subject to change without prior notice. This post is not sponsored and this review is based on a hundred percent “heyjaey” hands on experience and personal views. We may or may not be always on the same page but hey thanks for dropping by anyway! Feel free to drop in some comments/suggestions.

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