DIY Around Japan below PHP35K ALL IN SPRING!

With the amount above you can already: Fly from MNL-NRT-MNL via CebuPacific with 20kg of baggage Pay Php1,620 PH Travel Tax Purchase 7 Day Unlimited Nationwide JR Train Pass from Flytpack Tour from Tokyo to Osaka to Hiroshima to Gifu to Tokyo to Nagano or even Hakodate (Near Sapporo!) Stay at super clean, friendly andContinue reading “DIY Around Japan below PHP35K ALL IN SPRING!”

Renting Pocket Wifi in Japan

Not unless you’re on a package tour, I highly recommend for you to get a pocket WiFi in Japan. The country is very tourist friendly yet having one is very convenient, specially when navigating around one of the world’s massive train system and of course not to forget to share online all your amusing experiencesContinue reading “Renting Pocket Wifi in Japan”

Top 5 Singapore Steals

Some say Japan could be the most expensive travel destination in Asia – I’d say not! (at least based on my brief experience) Singapore for me is way more pricey than Japan! I have to be fair though, pricey in terms of accommodation, casual dining and shopping. So here I am – bringing you my findings onContinue reading “Top 5 Singapore Steals”

Hotel booking tips and hacks!

After booking you’re promo or budget airfare lodging may come next on your list. This can be a broad topic but we’ll narrow it down to Hotels leaving out backpacker hostels, Airbnb etc. Did you know that you can book a decent hotel at almost the same rate of Airbnb, shared dormitory, capsule hotel, backpackers inn,Continue reading “Hotel booking tips and hacks!”

Japan Tourist Visa Easy Guide

Konichiwa! I know we, Filipinos might not have the most powerful passports in the world. But please don’t let this stop you from fulfilling your travel bucket list. Don’t let visa restrictions intimidate you! It’s not as hard as you think. Specially for Japan – It’s time to fulfill those Kawaii dreams Here’s a quick guideContinue reading “Japan Tourist Visa Easy Guide”