Your High-End Make-up Cheat Sheet

We love all kinds of make-up as long as its long lasting, pigmented and doesn’t hurt our skin. And sometimes it takes more than breaking the bank specially for those very special but pricey brands.They may come pricey but really really worth it. While you’re saving *wink*, I made this cheat sheet on how to achieve almostContinue reading “Your High-End Make-up Cheat Sheet”

My first Laduree Macaron

is not edible. I got it in a key chain! It is so cute and fascinating specially for Macaron lovers like me. I only got to try Macarons from Bizu and Fairmont which are really lovely and I’m still hopeful to try it from its pioneer branch here in the Philippines at Rockwell. Anyways, I gotContinue reading “My first Laduree Macaron”