Event: Press Conference of Halili-Cruz School of Ballet

Mommies, Sisters and Aunties, this is it! We are inviting you to join us to the 1st ever Press Conference of Halili- Cruz School of Ballet today, July 18, 2016 in QC school from 2:30PM-6PM. We are encouraging everyone to attend for a chance also to have their your kids enrolled soon for FREE! ( You can bring oneContinue reading “Event: Press Conference of Halili-Cruz School of Ballet”

HEYJAEY – now a Brand Ambassador of TAG MEDIA

I have some good news! I am humbled and honored to be chosen as the new Brand Ambassador of Tag Media Group. Tag Media and Public Relations is a group that offers Marketing, Branding, Business Development Solutions and more! What’s in it for me? Together with TAG Media, I will be endorsing and writing about theirContinue reading “HEYJAEY – now a Brand Ambassador of TAG MEDIA”

From the Old Blog Collection

Every once in a while, I will be posting some of my favorite entries from my old blog. Hope you’ll still be able to enjoy it! Meanwhile, I will be officially launching this blog on the First week of December! Yey!   Hope you’re jaded no more, Jaey x     Credits: Image: http://www.slate.com/ Disclaimer: My postsContinue reading “From the Old Blog Collection”