Ascott Makati Studio Deluxe King

Ascott Makati : An oldie but is it still goodie?

An oldie but is it still goodie? Check out my latest review of this known landmark and hotel that has endured a reasonable test amount of time.

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October Travel and Trend Report

Months are getting colder but never gets less busy specially that the holidays are coming! Why not jump start your BER months by leading the trends and catching these ongoing and upcoming unbelievable deals!

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Smell Chic Review Flatlay

Easy Trendy Scents: Smell Chic

If you are in love with small little details from your clothing down to your room, then you will for sure be hooked by this new brand who is adding a super extra to our sanitizers, body wash and room sprays! Smell Chic is bringing us elegance in their bottles by embodying classic popular fragrances in their products!

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