The Coconut Club BGC

If you work in BGC or loves to hangout at the area, one of the things you would easily like is its round the clock entertainment which covers an endless list of restaurants and bars ranging from high end to speakeasy ones. Let’s admit it, there may be an endless list, but we can only count in our fingers the ones who won’t slash our wallets bigtime when it comes to partying at the heart of the global city.

Summer Solstice with Matcha Teain1

Have you read about the longest day happening on 21 June as per PAGASA? The period is recommended best for travel. I reckon it would officially mark the end of Summer. So am stuck between the hot summer days and cool rainy afternoons. On these manic weather, most of us want something malleable and swankyContinue reading “Summer Solstice with Matcha Teain1”

The 6th Pool Bar and Lounge

There’s a gem waiting at the sixth floor of Novotel Manila in Araneta – Welcome to The 6th Pool Bar and Lounge situated near the pool area of Novotel Manila, this cheerful place couldn’t be more inviting and surprisingly comforting. The 6th is a go to place for most of the employees working within the Araneta area after shift. AlsoContinue reading “The 6th Pool Bar and Lounge”