Savor Saboten Savor Japan

Nothing beats authentic Tonkatsu that can take you to Japan in an instant. Saboten is one of the largest Japanese cutlet chains in the world and is proud to serve The Original Tastes of Tonkatsu.

Taisho Ramen | Dark Horse of Ramen Houses in the Philippines?

During the Blogapalooza 2016, I dropped by a Japanese booth and got a free sample of ramen and gyoza. I hurdled back to the event tent as it was hot outside and there while listening to the speakers, I slurped and enjoyed the good taste of the ramen. “This tastes authentic”, I told myself. LittleContinue reading “Taisho Ramen | Dark Horse of Ramen Houses in the Philippines?”

Nadai Fujisoba : We’re obsessed with Udon & Soba!

If you were to live in Japan – ramen and rice would be the daily, common meal for you. I can live with that! Their regular ramen shops are found near the train stations and even inside the stations itself. It is usually set up as a self-service shop with vending machines where you’ll place yourContinue reading “Nadai Fujisoba : We’re obsessed with Udon & Soba!”

Hanami Picnic with Tokyo Banana

One of the most unforgettable moments  we had last April in Japan was our Hanami (Flower viewing) Picnic in Tokyo. The area near the main Tokyo Station has an unexpected atmosphere compared to Shinjuku and Shibuya. It was more quiet and serene. We headed to the Imperial Palace Gardens which was around 20mins walk from theContinue reading “Hanami Picnic with Tokyo Banana”