Good times with Bag O’ Shrimps

I don’t know about you but I prefer dates over a box of large cheesy pizza or eating seafood and rice with my hands than fine dining. I find it more personal and rather comforting! I’d say fine dining can still be saved for those extra special occasions, you know. Speaking of extra special, I broughtContinue reading “Good times with Bag O’ Shrimps”

Taisho Ramen | Dark Horse of Ramen Houses in the Philippines?

During the Blogapalooza 2016, I dropped by a Japanese booth and got a free sample of ramen and gyoza. I hurdled back to the event tent as it was hot outside and there while listening to the speakers, I slurped and enjoyed the good taste of the ramen. “This tastes authentic”, I told myself. LittleContinue reading “Taisho Ramen | Dark Horse of Ramen Houses in the Philippines?”

Sparkle N Cheer + Overnight Stay Giveaway

If you’re to lazy to go out of the Metro but to cool to stay at home, check out Novotel Manila’s unbelievable Year-End deals! An Overnight Stay giveaway is also extended to 31 December, see bottom part for full details. Stay N Amaze Bring the entire family to an amazing holiday treat! For only Php 6,000Continue reading “Sparkle N Cheer + Overnight Stay Giveaway”

The 6th Pool Bar and Lounge

There’s a gem waiting at the sixth floor of Novotel Manila in Araneta – Welcome to The 6th Pool Bar and Lounge situated near the pool area of Novotel Manila, this cheerful place couldn’t be more inviting and surprisingly comforting. The 6th is a go to place for most of the employees working within the Araneta area after shift. AlsoContinue reading “The 6th Pool Bar and Lounge”

Top 5 reasons why I can’t wait to be back at Novotel Manila

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month already since we last stayed at Novotel Manila! I still remember how warm the staff was and how flawless the property is! Here are 5 reasons why I can’t wait to be back at Novotel Manila Araneta Center this week: You’ll never run out of thingsContinue reading “Top 5 reasons why I can’t wait to be back at Novotel Manila”