OZ Olga’s take on Filipino, Asian Food.

All the way from Adelaide, Australia, Olga English visits M Cafe and Kabila in Greenbelt Makati, PH. We got the chance to sit down and talk about her thoughts on Asian and Filipino. Its her third time to visit the Philippines for work as she is currently with a Global Company who sends her toContinue reading “OZ Olga’s take on Filipino, Asian Food.”

Good times with Bag O’ Shrimps

I don’t know about you but I prefer dates over a box of large cheesy pizza or eating seafood and rice with my hands than fine dining. I find it more personal and rather comforting! I’d say fine dining can still be saved for those extra special occasions, you know. Speaking of extra special, I broughtContinue reading “Good times with Bag O’ Shrimps”

Now loading… Summer!

Love the beach but not the sun? Here are top rated places where you could chill at but still be able to achieve those summer goals less the annoying 40C heat! Current by Astoria One of the best pools I have seen is at Astoria Current Boracay. The rooms are super beach friendly and funky styled forContinue reading “Now loading… Summer!”

The hotel of many firsts – I’M Hotel Makati

Makati, get ready. I’M Hotel will be the hottest launch this 2017 as it brings us full scale luxury with a different twist. In this post we’ll talk about my first review on I’M Hotel Makati, impressions and an overview of what they can’t wait to offer. Fast forward to the end if you want aContinue reading “The hotel of many firsts – I’M Hotel Makati”

Taisho Ramen | Dark Horse of Ramen Houses in the Philippines?

During the Blogapalooza 2016, I dropped by a Japanese booth and got a free sample of ramen and gyoza. I hurdled back to the event tent as it was hot outside and there while listening to the speakers, I slurped and enjoyed the good taste of the ramen. “This tastes authentic”, I told myself. LittleContinue reading “Taisho Ramen | Dark Horse of Ramen Houses in the Philippines?”