Skincare Review 2020

I’m including mostly skincare products but I might also throw in some random products like a hair product or a diffuser ha ha.

Brighter days with Ishigaki Glutathione

My skin has never been that fair but I’ve always been eager to have more healthier looking skin. Taking in Relumins was a good start for me cause it has helped inhibit oxidation from within. Now, Ageless Beauty Potions sent me the popular Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend. It’s an amino acid supplement that contains custom blendContinue reading “Brighter days with Ishigaki Glutathione”

Healthy & Glowing Skin with Flawless Beauty and Skin Ph

I have to say that I am happy with how my skin looks like but want to be honest that I am after anything that helps my skin achieve a healthier and more detoxified glow. I am glad to discover Relumins after Flawless Beauty and Skin Philippines sent me bottles of their newest product which is ReluminsContinue reading “Healthy & Glowing Skin with Flawless Beauty and Skin Ph”