NAXIONAL South American Diner – Grand opening today!

If you want to broaden your culinary horizons, you might want to check out a new diner  inspired by dishes that South American locals enjoy every day. Naxional’s menu is filled with traditional family recipes cooked with not just imported spices, but also with locally sourced ingredients from the crops of Filipino farmers which makes itContinue reading “NAXIONAL South American Diner – Grand opening today!”

Media Launch : Naxional South American Diner

I got excited when i received this joyful invite from Monsters Production. First because it says South American. And second its food. I’ve always wanted to tap on the uncanny side my palate and thought this may be a good start. Fusion of flavors, and colorful appearance are the first things that come into my mind whenContinue reading “Media Launch : Naxional South American Diner”